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11 Peaceful Presents For Your Zen Friends

With all the gift wrapping, pie baking, and never-ending store lines during the holiday season, everyone could use a little extra TLC by the time the New Year rolls around. Give your loved ones a head start on the self-care with these Zen-inducing picks.

1. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

This Epsom salt soak and foaming bath duo supports muscle aches and soreness, nourishes skin, and relaxes the body and mind for the ultimate unwind. The lavender scent washes even the most stressful day away.

2. Evolution Salt Co. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Hop on the Himalayan salt trend and gift the gorgeous glow. Not only do they add a soft light to any living space, but Himalayan salt lamps have numerous health benefits. Known for promoting health and well-being by purifying the air around you, they’re a popular way to spruce up your home or office.

3. Uncle Bud’s CBD Hemp Extract Massage And Body Oil

Sore muscles have met their match with this CBD-infused body oil. Made with 120 milligrams of USDA-certified organic CBD hemp extract—and without any parabens or THC—the quick absorbing, coconut-scented formula will pamper and delight.

4. Sparoom Guardianair Essential Oil Diffuser

Breathe in pure tranquility. Capable of 20 hours of continuous mist and featuring seven rotating colors to match your mood, it’s the perfect accent to any room or desk. All that’s left to do is choose your favorite essential oils.

5. Sheamoisture Instant Hydrating Gel Mask

This single-use, biodegradable gel mask makes the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a spa-themed gift basket. Its blend of 100-percent virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, and vitamin E provide plenty of hydration, leaving skin feeling nourished and soft.

6. Uncle Budy’s CBD Hemp Extract Detoxifying Face Mask

Draw a bubble bath, put on some tunes, and slather on this CBD mask for a truly chill night in. Every mask is infused with 4.2 milligrams of CBD oil, plus seaweed harvested from the waters of Belize. Delicately creamy, it’s a super-soothing match for all skin types.

7. Sparoom Diffusing CBD Oil Set

Not sure what to pair with the oil diffuser Mom put on her list? This trio kit includes lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils—each blended with 100 percent pure CBD oil. In addition to diffusing, they’re also great in a bath or applied directly to the skin.

8. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bath Bombs

Detoxify as you soak with these luxurious bath bombs made with aloe vera, oats, and vitamin E. From minimizing dark spots and razor bumps, to hydrating all over, African Black Soap boasts a handful of benefits everyone from beauty buffs to busy moms will love.

9. The Vitamin Shoppe Brand Essential Oils

From peppermint to tea tree and more—essential oils are a versatile gift for wellness lovers. Use them to make your own scent blends, DIY scrubs, or simply add them to a diffuser for instant serenity.

For loved ones already on the essential oil train, this larger bottle keeps them from having to continuously restock.

11. Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Just a few drops help ease you into a tranquil state. With a huge variety of scents to choose from (including frankincense and lavender for relaxation), you can personalize a collection.

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