12 Ways To Make A Delicious Breakfast With Protein Powder

When you need a quick, protein-packed breakfast that can travel with you as you run out the door, your trusty protein shake always comes through. But the blender isn’t your only option for putting that protein powder to use in the A.M. From pancakes, to overnight oats, to donuts (yes, donuts!), these breakfast recipes will amaze your taste buds and forever change how you do breakfast.

photo: Nutrition Starring You

Protein-Packed Cereal Bowl
A bowl of cereal is the classic breakfast—but it’s pretty meh when it comes to protein contents. Unless, of course, you hack this innovative idea from Nutrition Starring You. Whisk your favorite protein powder into your milk and watch that bowl of Cheerios transform into a more gains-friendly meal. (Use chocolate protein if you were a fan of chocolate-y cereal milk as a kid!)

photo: Andrea’s Protein Cakery

Blackberry Ricotta Protein Pancakes
Feeling fancy? These pancakes from Andrea’s Protein Cakery sound like something straight from a fancy brunch menu—except they just so happen to pack 32 grams of protein per serving (courtesy of egg whites, ricotta, and vanilla protein powder). We know what we’re making for breakfast this weekend.

photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
Yes, you can totally have cake for breakfast. Especially when it’s made with spelt flour, coconut oil, and stevia. Plus, it’s got 10 grams of protein! With the help of a microwave, Chocolate Covered Katie’s mug cake takes about five minutes to throw together and cook.

photo: Jennifer Meyering

Banana Bread Protein Waffles
Banana bread isn’t the only thing you can make with that overripe banana. Whip out the waffle maker and grab your vanilla protein to make these easy protein waffles from Jennifer Meyering. A little vanilla extract and cinnamon will make them a perfectly sweet treat.

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strawberry creme oats
photo: Dashing Dish

Strawberry Shortcake Protein Overnight Oats
In case you haven’t heard, overnight oats are the trendiest breakfast in town. Made with vanilla or strawberry protein powder and Greek yogurt, Dashing Dish’s dessert-inspired oats make a great grab-and-go breakfast. (Swap the yogurt for applesauce or mashed banana if you don’t do dairy.)

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Low Carb Coffee Protein Muffins grain free, gluten free, paleo, low fat, low carb, refined sugar free
photo: Southern In Law

Coffee Cake Protein Muffins
Behold, java lovers! Start the morning off with a kick of protein and coffee with these protein muffins. Plus, Southern In Law’s recipe is flourless and refined sugar-free—who doesn’t love that?

protein crepes
photo: Little Bits Of

Protein Crepes
Looking for yet another morning meal that proves protein powder can be super-sophisticated? Little Bits Of’s two-ingredient protein crepes are the perfect vessel for nut butter and fruit galore—and they’re totally Instagrammable.

photo: The Big Man’s World

No-Bake Carrot Cake Breakfast Bars
Complete with protein frosting, this no-bake breakfast packs major diner-good flavor without refined sweeteners, grains, or dairy. The recipe, from The Big Man’s World, also makes a great dessert or sweet-cravings crusher.

chocolate muffins
photo: Foodie Fiasco

High-Protein Double Chocolate Muffins
Get your fudge fix with Foodie Fiasco’s decadent muffins. At 86 calories (and 11 grams of protein) a pop, they’re made with yummy ingredients like chocolate protein powder, coconut flour, dark chocolate, and sweetened with erythritol. Feel free to get a little heavy-handed when measuring out that dark chocolate…

photo: Malzis Fit

Protein Samoa Donuts
We’ve discovered the secret to surviving Girl Scout Cookie season with your health and fitness goals in tact: Samoa protein donuts from Malzis Fit. Sugar-free caramel sauce, shredded coconut, and dark chocolate make to-die-for cookie-like toppings.

photo: Hungry Hobby

Pumpkin Protein French Toast
Probably one of the last breakfasts we associate with healthy eating, French toast can be calorie-conscious and muscle-friendly with just a few tweaks. Hungry Hobby’s pumpkin French toast is full of flavor by soaking whole-grain bread in a mixture of egg whites, pumpkin puree, vanilla protein powder, and cinnamon for a healthier version of the indulgent fan favorite.

photo: Brooklyn Farm Girl

Double Chocolate Protein Oatmeal
A warm bowl of oatmeal might just be one of the most relaxing ways to start a morning. Add chocolate into the mix and you’re set for the day. Brooklyn Farm Girl’s chocolate-y protein oats come together quickly on the stove top—just stir in your favorite chocolate protein powder.

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