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90-Day Make It Count Challenge: Follow Carl’s Plan

Most people start the new year off with the very best of intentions, ready to take on their resolutions to be healthier, stronger, fitter, etc. full steam ahead. But somewhere around the third week of January, they just…poop out. No judgement here—we’ve been there. But, we do have a solid plan of action for reaching your goals this year.

Introducing the 90-Day Make It Count Challenge! This is a three-phase challenge in which you pick one of three Health Enthusiasts’ training and nutrition programs that best matches your personal goals. The plans for the month of January have been provided by lifestyle transformation coach Dylan Thomas, who specializes in fat loss, muscle building, and metabolic enhancement

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Below is The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiast Carl’s plan. Carl is a dedicated gym rat with a goal to get cut and be “HUGE.” Sound like you? Follow his plan and document your personal progress using the hashtag #VSMakeItCount.

(Not the plan that’s quite right for you? Check out Jessica’s and Lauren’s plans to find a better fit.) 


Download Carl’s meal plan as a .pdf

Suggested Supplements

Meal 1:
MuscleTech Platinum Multi Vitamin (4)
The Vitamin Shoppe Omega Fish Oil (1)

Meal 2:
The Vitamin Shoppe Omega Fish Oil (1)

Meal 3:
The Vitamin Shoppe Omega Fish Oil (1)

Meal 4:
The Vitamin Shoppe Omega Fish Oil (1)


Download Carl’s workout plan as a .pdf

Strength Training Adjustment Progression
Week 1: 2 working sets per exercise, 6 reps per exercise
Week 2: Increase sets to 3, reps increase from 6 to 8
Week 3: Sets remain at 3, reps increase from 8 to 10
Week 4: Sets increase from 3 to 4, reps remain at 10

Abdominal Training Progression
Week 1: 2 sets of each exercise, 10 reps
Week 2: 3 sets of each exercise, 10 reps
Week 3: 3 sets of each exercise, 12 reps
Week 4: 4sets of each exercise, 12 reps

Moderate Intensity Cardio Progression
Week 1: 5-minute warmup, 5-minute cooldown
Week 2: 5-minute warmup, 5-minute cooldown
Week 3: 5-minute warmup, 10-minute cooldown
Week 4: 5-minute warmup, 10-minute cooldown

Conditioning Barbell Complex Circuit
Week 1: 3 sets of 6 reps, 3.5-minute recovery
Week 2: 4 sets of 8 reps, 3-minute recovery
Week 3: 5 sets of 10 reps, 2.5-minute recovery
Week 3: 6 sets of 12 reps, 2-minute recovery

Suggested Supplements

MuscleTech Vapor (5)
Clear Muscle (2)
Plasma Muscle (3)
Phospha Muscle (5)

1 scoop Amino Build Next Gen
1 scoop Cell Tech Hyper Build
1 scoop MuscleTech Platinum Glutamine

Clear Muscle (2)
1-2 scoops NitroTech 100% Whey Gold
1 NitroTech Crunch bar or Cell Tech

Before Bed:
1 serving Phase 8

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