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Following Lauren’s Plateau-Busting Fitness Plan? It’s Time To Turn Up The Heat

If you’ve charged through the first four weeks of the 90-Day Make It Count Challenge with us, you’re probably feeling pretty good and ready to turn up the heat. (If you’re just tuning in, the 90-Day Make It Count Challenge is a three-phase challenge in which you choose one of three Health Enthusiasts’ training and nutrition programs that best matches your personal goals.) 

Below is phase 2 of The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiast Lauren’s program, which was provided by Cellucor athlete and celebrity trainer, Ron ‘Boss’ EverlineBefore the Challenge, Lauren ate pretty healthy and went to the gym regularly, but had hit a plateau and stopped seeing progress. Lauren started off her plan in January ready to build muscle and switch things up, striving to get both stronger and leaner. Sound like you? It’s not too late to join the Challenge! Follow her plan and document your personal progress using the hashtag #VSMakeItCount.

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(Not the plan that’s quite right for you? Check out Carl’s and Jessica’s plans to find a better fit.)

Lauren's Daily Meal Plan Month 2.jpg

Download Lauren’s plan as a .pdf

Lauren's Workout Plan Month 2.jpg

Download Lauren’s plan as a .pdf

Suggested Supplements

Cellucor C4 Ripped OR Cellucor C4 (1 scoop)

During Workout:
Cellucor Alpha Aminos
 (1 scoop)

Cellucor Alpha Aminos (1 scoop)
Cellucor Cor Performance Whey (1 scoop)

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