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Following Carl’s ‘Get Huge’ Plan? It’s Time To Hit The Weights Hard

Congrats! You’ve made it through two-thirds of the 90-Day Make It Count Challenge, kicking some serious butt and taking names. You’re probably feeling—and looking—great by now, eh? (If you’re just tuning in, the 90-Day Make It Count Challenge is a three-phase challenge in which you choose one of three Health Enthusiasts’ training and nutrition programs that best matches your personal goals.) 

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Below is phase 3 of The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiast Carl’s program, which was provided by Dymatize athlete and IFBB Pro bodybuilding competitor, Jojo Gonzalez, and Dymatize Chief Science Officer Robert Wildman Ph.D., R.D., L.D., F.I.S.S.N. Before the Challenge, Carl hit the gym frequently, but hadn’t been dialing in on his nutrition or seeing the muscle growth he wanted. Carl started off his plan in January ready to get to work in the weight room and the kitchen, and he’s looking forward to gains, gains, gains. Sound like you? It’s not too late to join the Challenge! Follow his plan and document your personal progress using the hashtag #VSMakeItCount.

(Not the plan that’s quite right for you? Check out Jessica’s and Lauren’s plans to find a better fit.) 

Meet your trainer, Jojo Gonzalez!

challenge lauren workout plan

Download Carls’s plan as a .pdf

To support muscle-building, aim to consume one gram of protein per pound of target body weight per day. Spread protein intake throughout the day, starting within 60 minutes of waking and ending within 60 minutes of going to bed, says Wildman. Follow this protein protocol on both training and rest days.

When you need to eyeball portion sizes, use the following guidelines: One serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards and one cup of rice, beans, fruits, or veggies is about the size of the average man’s fist.

Suggested Supplements

Daily multivitamin
1000-2000mg fish oil
5g creatine

Carl's Daily Meal Plan Month 2

Download Carl’s workout plan as a .pdf

Suggested Supplements

Pre-Workout: formulas

1 scoop BCAAs

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