Week 3: The ’15-Rep Countdown Abs Workout’

Show your core some extra love this week by hammering out this hard bonus workout. After all, a strong core will not only mean a more chiseled six-pack just waiting to peek through, but it’ll also help you keep your form on-point in a lot of the bigger moves you do on lifting days.

Do this 15-rep countdown workout on any your mobility days, or after your metabolic conditioning workout. If you feel like your core needs some extra love, you can do this bad boy two or three times a week.

The ’15-Rep Countdown Abs Workout’

You’ll perform four cycles of three core exercises.

First, you’ll do 15 ab wheel rollouts. Then you’ll immediately move on to 15 hanging leg raises, and then 15 TRX knee-tucks. That’s one full cycle. Repeat three more times.

After 135 total reps, your core will be rocked. As always, focus on quality reps instead of the clock. You’re not being timed!