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Review: I Tried Alani Nu’s Balance For Hormonal Support

I’ve struggled with my hormones for a few years now. Every month when my period rolls around, my cramping is extremely painful and I break out all over my face. I tried over-the-counter medications and heating pads to ease the pain, but nothing ever provided relief. I had been looking for a product that would help balance my hormones to relieve my period cramps and clear my complexion, so I was excited when The Vitamin Shoppe sent me a bottle of Alani Nu’s Balance.

About Alani Nu’s Balance

Alani Nu’s Balance is specifically designed to support hormonal balance, weight management, complexion, energy, and fertility for women. The bottle instructs to take four vegan capsules every morning with breakfast.

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The product has a blend of hormone-supporting ingredients, like folate for fertility and cardiovascular health, my-inositol to promote fertility and restore insulin sensitivity, l-glutathione for antioxidant support, DIM to encourage healthy estrogen levels, chromium to support healthy blood sugar, and ALA which, when combined with myo-inositol, may support insulin sensitivity in women.

Trying The Product

I used Alani Nu’s Balance for a month, and took the four capsules every morning when I ate breakfast. I loved that you take the pills just once a day and they were really easy to swallow.

When my dreaded period rolled around three weeks into taking the product, I was very surprised by the results. Though I would call my skin issues mild—I usually have a small breakout during my period—I noticed an improvement in my complexion this time around.

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What was most astonishing was that my cramps were way more tolerable. At the beginning of my period, I usually experience severe cramps that stop me from doing anything. While taking this product, I didn’t feel anything near what I usually experience. I was even able to exercise and do my normal activities.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m impressed with the product and very happy with the results. I like to say it helped balance my hormones and supported a better complexion after just using the one bottle.

I’ll definitely keep using this product in the future, and will even recommend this to family and friends who may need some hormone balance as well.

This Wellness Tester received free products in exchange for an honest review.

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