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11 Inspiring Women You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

We try to encourage everyone to thrive and live their healthiest lives 365 days a year, and we’re constantly inspired by all of the early-risers, weight-lifters, veggie-eaters, yoga-doers, and more that we see in the gym, at the office, or on Instagram every day.

For National Women’s Health Week we thought we’d share some lady-power inspiration, straight from our Instagram feed. They’ll motivate you to whip up nutritious breakfasts, master those TRX pushups you’ve been wanting to try, and save some time for comfy sweatpants and good sleep.

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Toasting to the start of my 7-day #sugardetox challenge 🙌🏼🍞👋🏼🍯 To lose weight? Nope. But simply to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of sugar overconsumption (like diabetes and obesity) and also to sensitize my tastebuds to my beloved sugar 🤗👌🏼I believe most things in moderation are okay, but yesterday's bariatric lecture made me realize that many of us are unaware of just how much sugar we pour into our bodies and its effect on our health 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈Join the challenge by using #sugarfreecommunity hashtag ❤️🙌🏼🍯 Check out @rachaelsgoodeats and @furtherfood for deets. Have a great day!! 😘 . . Savory sugar-free toast: @simplekneads_gf gluten free sourdough (no added sugar!), @bluemooseofboulder green chile hummus, scrambled eggs, kale, peppers and brussels, sea salt and pepper 🍞✨

A post shared by Adriana M, MD (@fitandwellmedgal) on

 1. @fitandwellmedgal

Adriana is a surgery resident whose Instagram feed is chock-full of healthy eats and reflection about how what we put in our bodies affects our health.

2.  @fitnessjewell

Cellucor athlete Jen Jewell reminds us that you can be crazy-fit and still enjoy traveling and eating tacos. Look out for workout videos shot around the world, recipes for protein muffins, and lots of all-too-relatable appreciation for coffee.

Ginger Tumeric elixir #spiritjunkie 🌞🌞

A post shared by Gabrielle Bernstein (@gabbybernstein) on

3.  @gabbybernstein

Author, meditation and wellness expert, and all-around spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein never fails to provide the exact inspirational quote you need or remind you to stop and soak in the goodness of a sunrise or turmeric latte.

4.  @hollyperkins

Fitness expert and creator of Women’s Strength Nation, Holly will inspire you to hit the weights and get strong. Plus, when it comes to being the only woman in the gym or grappling with the beauty standards that tell women to be “skinny,” she offers some refreshing, much-needed real talk.

5.  @lc__nutrition 

Lauren is a registered dietitian, trainer, and bikini competitor who shares everything from workout videos to meal prep photos to shots of spur-of-the-moment purchases of seven pints of Halo Top ice cream (which we totally support).

What are you having for lunch? Curry spiced turkey roll ups today from my #ma30day summer program recipes. Just added some baked sweet potato,yellow squash, and zucchini to the mix. Will be announcing winners of the summer #ma30day challenge tomorrow so @mawarriors get ready. I am also working on the next challenge that's coming soon 😝💪🏽 and I'll be doing it along side with you! For my #ma30day program promo 👇🏽 WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #foodporn #healthy ________________________________________________________________ Que comiste para el almuerzo? Hoy me hice pavo molido al curry con batata, calabacín, y zucchini al horno. Tome unas hojas romanas para enrollar y comer como tortilla! Esta es una idea hasta para la cena que le encantará a toda la familia incluyendo a tus niños. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM

A post shared by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias) on

6.  @massy.arias

This new mama and fitness coach understands that every day is about balance. Her exercise videos are impressive, her baby photos too precious, and her food pics full of color and whole ingredients.

7.  @jenwiderstrom

This star trainer shares her favorite workout moves, client transformation photos, and #flexfriday-worthy selfies galore. Whether you’re at a CrossFit® gym or in your backyard with a pair of dumbbells, Jen will help you get strong.

☀️🤔🤷🏻‍♀️. #sometimesemojissayitbetter #thatsuntho #thisgirlisonfire #imgonnastopnow . 📷 @findorion

A post shared by Shauna Harrison, PhD (@shauna_harrison) on

8. @shauna_harrison

This PhD in public health calls herself a nerd, a hip-hop lover, and a yogi. Pretty awesome, right? When she’s not advocating for health and fitness, she’s working as a brand ambassador for TRX® and managing Muscle & Flow. If you’re into awesome workout videos, lots of outdoor shots, and down-to-earth inspo, this account’s for you.

9. @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is a kick-butt yogi, an advocate for body-positive fitness, and an author. Her book, Every Body Yoga, is on its way to the shelves, serving up insight around how to master your practice, no matter your size or shape. She’s a huge supporter of finding encouragement and positivism in your fitness routine, and you can definitely expect that from her IG account.

10. @kalememaybe 

If you’re not hungry now, you will be—especially because Kale Me Maybe’s (a.k.a. Carina Wolff) plates are always so pretty, healthy, and clean. Wolff is actually a health and wellness journalist, so along with her pics you’ll also get thoughtful personal stories, quickie meal snaps, and spiralizer recipes (because this health superstar wrote THE book on it).

11. @cafejojo_

This Montreal-based art director creates mouth-watering plates for those of us who’ve gone gluten-free. If you thought cutting gluten would be hard, this IG will prove you wrong. With endless pics of scrumptious meals (paired alongside gorgeous travel snaps), you’ll get your GF rainbow food on in no time.

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