9 Battlerope Moves To Build Strength And Get Shredded

If trudging away on the treadmill isn’t your idea of a good time, getting that cardio in can be a struggle. That’s where battleropes come in. Get your hands on this easy-to-use gym tool and you can spike your heart rate while still building strength.

Add one (or a few) of these nine battleropes moves to your next workout for some high-intensity cardio—or the perfect finisher after a lift. Check ’em out and get ready to feel the burn everywhere:

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We Put 5 Natural Deodorants To The Test—Here’s How They Held Up

There’s a nasty little rumor floating around out there that natural deodorants just plain, well, stink. Anyone who tells you otherwise? They haven’t gotten a whiff of their pits lately.

No one wants to smell—even in the name of going natural—but just how much truth is there to the rumors? Is it so impossible that we might be able to keep our pits chemical-free without offending other people’s senses? Five of our bravest Health Enthusiasts volunteered their underarms in the name of giving natural deodorant a fair trial—and the results are in.

Nubian Heritage 24-Hour All-Natural Deodorant in Indian Hemp and HaItIan Vetiver

Tested by What’s Good associate editor Lauren Del Turco

“I have been a longtime lover of my Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials. It keeps my underarms dry, even when it’s absurdly hot out (and I’m a sweaty person), plus it smells like squeaky-clean cucumbers. The Nubian Heritage deodorant felt a little wet and gloppy going on, but it had a light and pleasant scent. My pits felt a little stickier than usual when I was outside in the summer heat, but otherwise I didn’t really notice a difference throughout my normal day.

The real test would be wearing this stuff to the gym, so I wore the deodorant for my usual morning strength-training session. I was dripping more than usual from my underarms, but I still didn’t feel self-conscious about how I smelled, which was a huge win. (Other natural deodorants I’ve tried have all failed the gym test.) I felt confident in this stuff, so I decided to do something bold: I wore it to hot yoga. I sweat everywhere, but was surprisingly stank-free! Seriously impressed.

I also really loved that this deodorant didn’t leave a hard-to-get-off residue on my armpits that I’d have to ferociously scrub away in the shower. I’m not sure if I really love the scent of this one enough to use it every day, but I plan on trying out another scent from this brand now that the experiment is over.”

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Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Lavender + Sage

Tested by What’s Good video producer and editor Jennifer Pena

“I’ve been using Secret Powder Fresh solid for years because it’s the only one that hasn’t let me down in the stank department.  I perspire a lot under my arms, especially when it’s hot and humid out or when I work out.

In comparison to my usual product, I was really surprised at how well the Schmidt’s natural deodorant held up while I slept and throughout my day-to-day stuff. Because the deodorant went on so nice and light—and I’m extremely skeptical about natural deodorants—I kept reapplying it just to be sure.  But it survived all sorts of outfits, busy days at work, and long walks outside. The lavender made me feel really fresh—major bonus!

The big test was an outdoor workout on a very hot summer day. Honestly, I’m not sure how well any deodorant could handle those conditions. I definitely had some stink pouring out of me, so I’ll probably stick to my Secret before workouts.”

Schmidt’s Deodorant in Bergamot + Lime

Tested by Head of Content and Customer Engagement Lisa Chudnofsky

“I normally use Secret Invisible Solid, and don’t find my pits sweaty or smelly (at least I don’t think?) unless it’s really humid outside. I tried the Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime jar, and was shocked by how much I liked it. Delicious smell (I actually found myself sniffing my pits when no one was looking, just to get a whiff!), and the same coverage I get from the Secret.

The only reason I wouldn’t give it a 10 out of 10 is because of the whole jar situation. I much prefer using a stick to get even and quick distribution. The spatula included was tiny, and although the deodorant spread on okay (like a room temperature butter), it took a while to cover the entire armpit. Definitely more of a process than my usual swipe-and-go. But luckily the product also comes in stick form—I already placed my order on VitaminShoppe.com.”

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Crystal Stick Body Deodorant

Tested by editorial graphic designer Samantha Dimsey

“I usually use a basic Dove deodorant—and the Crystal natural deodorant was definitely different! The Crystal deodorant was a clear, solid stick, but it wasn’t wet at all, so it felt like I wasn’t putting anything on. It didn’t have a scent and didn’t leave any marks on my shirt. I realized after the first day that you’re supposed to lightly wet the deodorant stick before applying it—but it had worked really well even when I applied it dry!

I don’t normally sweat a lot, but I didn’t feel insecure about sweating or smelling at all when using this—I really didn’t feel any different than I did wearing my normal deodorant. Now that I know the natural stuff works so well, I’ll probably switch over.”

Tom’s of Maine Long-Lasting Stick Deodorant in Lavender

Tested by What’s Good senior editor, Lisa Basile

“Here’s my deal: I usually either don’t use deodorant at all or use a powder antiperspirant when I’m worried about smelling bad. A huge part of why I limit my antiperspirant use is to keep my body as chemical-free as possible—so I was eager to try the Tom’s deodorant, since it’s more natural. I have to say, it smelled really, really, really good (sort of like a light, airy, lavender-filled field). It went on smooth—not gloppy— and it didn’t irritate my sensitive armpit skin at all.

I’d definitely use this again, since my sweat usually isn’t profusely gross-smelling and my main workouts happen in water (which sort of keeps you fresh-smelling). However, for VERY sweaty people or people who are constantly active, I’d say this might be a little light. If I were outside in 90-degree weather a lot or working out really hard, I think I would probably want something a little more heavy-duty. But for every day, this is great.”

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This High-Protein Shake Will Drive Peanut Butter Lovers Wild

Peanut butter goes well with pretty much anything. We’ll take it generously spread onto apple slices, with pretzel sticks, straight from the jar, or in our post-workout protein shake. (Two tablespoons pack almost eight grams of protein, after all!)

Make your next protein shake as powerful as it is tasty with this simple recipe. It also uses ground flaxseed for a boost of healthy fats, fiber, and a smidge more protein. Oh, and did we mention this shake is plant-based? Check it out:

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It’s Hot Out There—Put Your Aminos On Ice!

Getting those BCAAs in after a tough workout is a major key for muscle recovery and growth. And with amino flavors like sour candy, blueberry lemonade, and fruit punch, we have no problem glugging down the amino acids our muscles will use to rebuild.

You may not be drinking your aminos poolside this summer, but with these fun amino concoctions, you’ll feel like you’re on a resort vacation. Muscle recovery fish bowl drink, anyone? 

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9 Moves To Step Up Your Pushup Game

No matter how much you can bench, pushups are probably still a part of your chest day routine. And they should be! This foundational bodyweight exercise lights up your upper girdle, making those pecs really pop.

Plus, with a little creativity, you can switch up your pushups to target those triceps, set your core on fire, and more. Mix one (or more!) of the following nine pushup variations into your next gym session to really hit your chest from all angles.

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Can You Spell These Adaptogens? Play Along!

Adaptogens—compounds found in certain herbs and natural substances that help the body adapt to stress—are some of the coolest supplements on our radar right now. Seriously, research shows that adaptogens can support mental and physical performance in the short-term and overall vitality and energy in the long-term. (You can read more about their awesomeness here.)

If there’s one downside to adaptogens, though, it’s that they’re hard as heck to spell. Ashwa-huh? We put people’s spelling skills to the test and hosted an adaptogen spelling bee—check it out:

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