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What 9 The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiasts Always Pack In Their Beach Bags

We all love a day at the beach—but going unprepared can be a recipe for disaster (or at least a dose of epic sunburn and some unhealthy, last-minute snack attacks). To avoid that lobster-y look, dehydration, and a bad case of the munchies (just say no to under-cooked boardwalk hot dogs!), we asked nine The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiasts to share some of their beach bag must-haves. Because, hey, we know our stuff.

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1. Lauren Del Turco, Associate Editor
“My beach bag is always stocked with a book, a giant water bottle, an Rx Bar or Garden of Life protein bar, some nuts, an apple, and lip balm that has SPF in it (my lips always get burned!).”




2. Brian Tanzer, Manager of Scientific Affairs
“Since I despise just lying in the sun and usually can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes on the beach, I typically spend my time in the ocean with my daughters. We use Kiss My Face Cool Sports Sunscreen Spray. We also pack plenty of bottled water, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. If we plan on a long day in the sun, I’ll bring a few packets of BodyTech Electrolyte Fizz (which can easily be mixed in water) to help make sure my family stays well hydrated.

I also enjoy a good beach workout. Once in a while I’ll hit the beach alone and just bring my 35-pound kettlebell (which usually results in a “what the heck is that guy doing?” look), a towel, and a few bottles of water with BPI Sports’  grape-flavored Best BCAAs mixed in.


3. Robert Bishop, Category Manager
“I bring Bare Republic‘s mineral-based sunscreen for body and face. It’s non-whitening and is loaded with great plant-derived ingredients like grapeseed and raspberry seed oils. It offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and it’s also scented with coconut and vanilla essential oils!

For post-sun, I bring Alteya Organics‘ after-sun rosewater. It’s great to use as a skin toner and refresher after sun exposure. I also have Goddess Garden‘s after-sun gel. It’s a non-sticky, lightweight, and fast-absorbing moisturizer that helps to soothe sunburned or irritated skin. This product is great for after sun, but also can be used to counter the effects of chlorinated pools or salt water. ”

4. Neha Agarwal, Senior Project Manager
“I always have c20 Coconut Water (with pulp) with me at the beach (although I drink it all the time, especially in warm weather) because my goal is to stay hydrated. I have tried almost every brand of coconut water out there and find this the most natural in taste. What I love about it is that it’s 100 percent all-natural with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives.”




5. Priscilla Segarra, Manager, Distribution Center
“I always bring my towel, water, sunscreen, Badger Lip Balm (I like the cocoa butter one because it’s the best at keeping my lips from getting dry), fruits, snacks and a book!”




6. Lisa Marie Basile, Senior Editor
“I never go to the beach without a few snacks (I like Buddha Bowl’s Himalayan Pink Organic Popcorn) and a couple of huge bottles of water. I’m also a fan of Mad Hippie’s Broad Spectrum SPF. It’s got the cutest packaging, it goes on really nicely, and it has avocado oil!”



7. Elissa Kaplan, Private Brands Project Manager
“I have hats for the kids, a small tube of Vaseline (Chapstick that won’t melt!), bottled water, baby powder, an extra phone battery (for pics!), suntan lotion, snacks (whole avocados, peanut butter/Ritz sandwiches, grapes) and baby toys.”





8. Carl Borman, Social Media Specialist
“I always have a few cans of BANG and ONE bars on me at the beach. I usually go to the beach early in the morning, so the BANG helps me wake up. The bars are for my crazy appetite—I’m always hungry! Both fit easily in my small cooler and are always crowd favorites if I choose to share or bring extra.




9. Rachel Clark, Production Traffic Manager
“I bring sunscreen, earbuds, sunglasses, a book or magazine, fruit snacks for my daughter, and baby powder to get the pesky sand off before heading home.”

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