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The 10 Most Masterful Meal Preppers On Instagram

Few things mesmerize us more than scrolling through countless symmetrical arrangements of Tupperware packed with proteins and veggies. Call us crazy, but considering there are 5,361,719 photos on Instagram tagged #mealprep (and that’s just as of 11:13 P.M. on May 26, 2017), it’s safe to say we aren’t the only meal prep lovers out there.

We spent hours staring at bowls of hard-boiled eggs, entire sheets of roasted veggies, and grills filled with chicken breasts, to identify the Insta-meal-preppers that do it best. Consider their feeds all the inspiration you need to go ahead and order that 20-pack of food containers


Seven types of veggies, one photo. Feast your eyes on an endless variety of produce and cinnamon-y sweet potatoes. Shots of beautiful avocado toast and eggs will leave you looking like the heart-eyes emoji.

It's that mealprep Sunday for a lot of you. In case you were looking for some ideas or motivation hopefully this can help a little. 1. Crustless egg quiche (see previous post for the recipe) 2. Overnight oats with strawberries 3. Veggie burger with roasted asparagus, zucchini and carrots 4. Lentil and bean chili 5. Protein almond butter balls 6. Fresh veggies, hummus and bean for salads 7. Post workout shake with a banana 8. Dark chocolate and pecan covered pineapple treats (see previous posts) 9. Lemons for my water #mealprepsunday #foodporn #mealplan #mealprep #macros #fitspo #nutrition #diet #mealprepideas #whole30 #fitspiration #eatright #wholefoods #healthy #iifym  #fitnessmeals  #dieta #fitfood #cleaneating #cleaneats #mealprepmonday  #mealprepping #mealplanning #foodprep  #weightloss #healthyfood #mealprepdaily  #mealprepmondays

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With every meal, snack, and sweet treat accounted for, this is the ultimate day of healthy, balanced eating. Check out the feed for crustless quiche and oatmeal bake recipes that’ll last all week long.

Here's what each day looks like this week. Quick tip if you wanna shred lbs after the holidays… don't eat any sugar or carbs before your workout… hit that fat burning zone on nothing but BCAAs and a little protein and fat (like a handful of nuts), and the energy will be derived from burned fat rather than the sugar in your blood. Easiest to do this is the AM. 🍽 Pre-Workout (6:30am): Cashews, BCAAs, MCT oil, Whey Protein Isolate, * Breakfast/Post Workout (9:00am): 4 Soft boiled Eggs, half Avocado, Blueberries * Lunch (12:00pm): Rosemary & Thyme Chicken, Steamed Asparagus & Broccoli, Baked Sweet Potatoes * Snack (3:00pm): Protein Pancake, 4 Soft-Boiled Eggs, half Avocado, Homemade Kombucha * Dinner (6:00pm): Tex-Mex Salad – Spinach, Ground Turkey (spicy seasoning), Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Beans, Corn, Hemp Seeds * Snack (9:00pm): Bell Pepper, BCAAs, Casein Protein

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These meal prep pics take all of the guess-work out of what a day of healthy eating looks like. Rosemary and thyme chicken with steamed asparagus and broccoli and baked sweet potatoes for lunch, anyone? Some posts even include the macros for these healthy meals.

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Short on time but still trying to pull off a quick meal prep? One-pan meals to the rescue! Expect bright, colorful recipes with a side of adorable toddler pics from this meal-prepper.

So whilst we all tuck into our tupps I thought I'd share what's in mine this week (I'm actually on the tube but I'll be having mine soon). . Top row we have overnight oats as modelled by me this morning 💁🏻and some pork shoulder on a bed of pearl barley with courgette and shrooms. . Middle row: layered chicken, turmeric rice and veggies; steak with cabbage, peas, peppers and carrots; and some hard-boiled eggs for snacking. . Bottom row: turmeric basa on a bed of quinoa and red onion with a little tub of houmous; some veggies to go with my fish – I couldn't fit it in the tub; and some protein pancakes with chia, tahini and bloobs. . All set for my four day working week 🤗🍱 . #mealprep #mondaymotivation #foodprep #tupperware #food #pork #stew #veggies #steak #eggs #pancakes #chicken #rice #oats #glutenfree #brofood #gainz #fatloss #macros #protein #carbs #healthychoices #fitness #fitfood #bodybuilding #healthyeating #healthyfoodporn #nutritious #foodporn #foodstagram

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This fit chick proves that healthy eating can be packed with flavor—and pretty dang photogenic. When you’re sick of chicken breast, you’ll find plenty of other protein options here, including venison, trout, and hake fish.

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The symmetry in this arrangement of meal containers, bags of veggies, and pieces of fruit is almost museum-worthy. And look out for the occasional healthy sweet treat recipe! We’re currently drooling over a shot of PB and chocolate protein squares…


Who says healthy baked goods can’t be a part of meal prep? Sweet potato cookies, waffle French toast, and banana pancakes for the win. This Crossfit®-loving mama is all about enjoying healthy food and nailing box jumps.


This Hungarian fit chick’s produce pics will make you want to hop in the car and drive right toward your local farmer’s market. We may not speak the same language, but our bellies hear the call of those smoothie bowls and produce-packed snacks loud and clear.


Let it be known that meal prep can totally involve cinnamon buns. Cinnamon bun-flavored protein bars, that is. This feed is perfect for all the gluten and dairy-free preppers out there.

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