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Best Of Natural Beauty Awards: See The Winners!

Wellness isn’t just an inside job—what we put on the outside of our bodies matters just as much. That’s why we created our first-ever Best of Natural Beauty Awards! We asked you to vote on the natural products you can’t live without—and the votes are in. Check out the winners:

Best Facial Moisturizer

Winner: Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Hydration Face Lotion

Made with coconut oil, coconut milk, and other skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and green tea extract, the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Hydration Face Lotion from Shea Moisture promises to soften and restore skin. It’s a luxurious but light daily staple for a nourished, hydrated complexion. Plus, it doesn’t leave even the slightest of greasy residues.

Best Facial Serum

Winner: The Vitamin Shoppe® brand Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum

This simple serum moisturizes, rejuvenates, and restores skin. And, at just $5.94 a bottle, it does so for much cheaper than its competitors. Two pumps after cleansing and before applying creams works hydration magic.

Best Shampoo

Winner: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo

This clarifying, sulfate-free shampoo gently removes product buildup while moisturizing hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Made with natural ingredients like Jamaican black castor oil and apple cider vinegar, it’s gentle enough for daily use. It’s also suitable for processed, color-treated, or heat-styled hair.

Best Conditioner

Winner: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Damaged, dry, or over-processed hair will soak up this sulfate-free conditioner. Made with natural and certified organic ingredients like shea butter, sea kelp, and argan oil, it moisturizes, repairs, and restores.

Best Body wash

Winner: Dr. Bronner 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s products are famous for using fair trade ingredients and organic oils—and no detergents! This soap features organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, and organic peppermint oil. Perfect for gentle cleansing.

Best Body Lotion

Winner: Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion

This luxurious lotion from Nubian Heritage stars unrefined shea butter for fast-absorbing, non-greasy moisture. It’s also infused with vitamins E and B5, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and macadamia seed oil. Plus, frankincense, myrrh, cardamom, ginger and black pepper add an aromatic element that also supports nourished, supple skin.

Best Men’s Bar

Winner: Shea Moisture Three Butters Utility Soap Cleansing Bar

This men’s bar does it all! Made with shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, and avocado, it’s ultra-moisturizing, and excellent for dry, chapped, irritated skin. Great for everyday cleansing and shaving, too.

Best Essential Oil

Winner: Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil

Known for its calming properties, lavender essential oil makes the perfect addition to a bedtime bubble bath or nightly massage oil or moisturizer. Aura Cacia’s lavender oil is 100 percent pure.

Best Collagen Supplement

Winner: Reserveage Nutrition Collagen Replenish Powder

Reserveage’s Collagen Replenish powder features three all-star skin ingredients: collagen peptides, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Together, these nutrients support skin elasticity and firmness, while protecting it from oxidative stress and promoting hydration.

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It mixes clear and is easy to add to water, juice, or any other beverage.

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