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We Held A Yummiest Gummy Taste Test—Here Are The Top 3 Picks

Taking your vitamins has probably never been the sexiest part of your day. But with the recent influx of so many different gummy vitamins, there’s a lot more of a reason to look forward to your daily dose.

For anyone who’s had trouble staying on the supplement train, multivitamins that taste like fruit snacks make the routine suddenly so easy to stick to. In fact, it’s hard not to get hooked.

To pinpoint the yummiest of gummies in the land, we recruited over 30 The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiasts to taste test a full week’s worth of various products—and the results are in. Check out the three multis that won the hearts and taste buds of our crew.

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Smarty Pants Adult Complete Multivitamins were our big winner in the taste department. Health Enthusiasts rated these gummies an 8.3 out of 10 average.

“Good flavor and texture!” – Erin Lyle, Manager of Product Education

“Tastes more like candy than a vitamin.” – Mike Hollick, Director of Customer Care


Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries came in at a close second, with an average of 8.2.

“My favorite by far—tastes delicious, without any after-taste.” – Angela Leung, Learning Operations Manager

“These were super soft, which was totally unexpected. I wanted more!” – Sheri Israel-Duarte, Product Education


And in third place: Smarty Pants Adult Complete Multivitamin + Fiber. These babies pack six grams of fiber in addition to the usual slew of important vitamins.

“These are almost too yummy to be good for me.” – Nita Avichal, Customer Care

“Tasty flavor—almost like the gummy fruit snacks I ate as a kid.” –Elyssa Meier, Talent Acquisition Specialist

As delicious as these gummy vitamins are, the right multi for you is whatever you’ll stick to taking every day. And if you do go for a gummy, just remember that you should NOT eat the whole delicious jar in one sitting, as tempting as that may be.

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