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13 Birthday Cake-Flavored Health Foods And Drinks Worth Celebrating Year Round

Gifts are great and all, but let’s be real: The best part about any birthday is the cake. Chocolate, vanilla, icing, sprinkles? We’ll take the corner piece, please.

We’re not about to cut ourselves a nightly slice of cakey goodness, of course (sigh), but luckily, we’ve found quite a few healthier ways to enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of celebration.


While you probably wouldn’t follow up a workout with a dollop of actual icing, you can totally take a bite into the Oh Yeah! ONE Birthday Cake Protein Bar. With 21 grams of protein and just a gram of sugar, it’s a fitness-friendly way to celebrate nailing those squats.


Some chocolate lovers might feel ethically opposed to eating anything vanilla cake-flavored. You do you—and thank the protein bar gods for creating the Oh Yeah! ONE Chocolate Birthday Cake Protein Bar.


Just imagine this: birthday cake toast. Or oatmeal. Or yogurt! Mix Buff Bake Birthday Cake Almond Spread into your morning oats or yogurt (we recommend vanilla), or spread it on whole wheat toast or rice cakes. Or just dig right in with a spoon.


No offense to the protein powder classics, chocolate and vanilla, but there are some new flavors in town that we can’t pass up. Mix up your post-workout shake or smoothie with Dymatize Nutrition Iso-100 Birthday Cake Whey Protein Isolate. This hydrolyzed whey isolate packs 25 grams of protein in a 110-calorie serving.


What do you get when you add 14 grams of protein and actual sprinkles to your beloved PB? Nuts ‘n More Birthday Cake High Protein Peanut Butter. This heavenly spread is brand new and ready to party.


You’ve tried the cookies and cream and mastered the chocolate chip. The MusclePharm Combat Crunch Birthday Cake Protein Bar contains freeze-dried strawberries and just five grams of sugar for a sweet snack or post-workout treat.


You may prefer your coconut flavor in pina colata form, but don’t shrug off the power of putting it in a nut butter spread. Your Fresh Naturals Birthday Cake Cashew Coconut Muscle Butter combines cashew butter, whey protein, and coconut butter, and gets its sweetness from coconut sugar and raw honey.


If you’ve been mixing ON’s whey into your shaker bottle for ages, consider this your invitation to live life on the edge and swap your go-to flavor for Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Birthday Cake 100% Whey. (There are even rainbow sprinkles inside.)


Sprinkle fanatics will love Lenny & Larry’s Birthday Cake Complete Cookie. The delish, portable treat is free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Clean sweets for the win.


Connoisseurs of birthday cake flavor, add MuscleTech Nitro Tech Crunch Birthday Cake Protein Bar to your list of bars to try. It contains 22 grams of protein and a delightful icing drizzle.


When you’re on the go and don’t have time to even think about grub, the Nutrition 53 Lean 1 Birthday Cake Meal Replacement Powder packs 20 grams of protein, eight grams of fiber, and contains probiotics. Just mix it with cold water and a few ice cubes, and get on with your day.


About Time Birthday Cake Whey Protein Isolate is sweetened with Stevia and uses zero artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Sensitive stomachs that refuse to miss out on fun flavors, this one’s for you.


Inspired to update your protein bar selection yet? Don’t forget the Muscle Milk Birthday Cake Protein Bar. The 190-calorie snack contains 15 grams of protein and is like a (birthday) party in your mouth.


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