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This Birthday Cake Latte Packs A Whole Lotta Protein—And Extra Sprinkles

In case you haven’t heard, it’s The Vitamin Shoppe’s 40th birthdayand you know we’ll be celebrating all month long. What better reason to inhale birthday cake-flavored everything?

So far, we’ve been guzzling down protein shakes made with BodyTech Birthday Cake WheyTech Pro 24, baked funfetti protein cake bites for dessert, and treated our taste buds to The End Brooklyn‘s exclusive Birthday Cake Latte—a protein-packed party in a cup that’s also chock-full of superfoods like blue green algae, maca, and butterfly pea flower tea. A shot of MCT oil makes the latte a satisfying snack that’s perfect post-workout or whenever you need a boost. Not to mention, it’s really, really pretty.

You can get your hands on a Birthday Cake Latte at The End Brooklyn through June 18, or grab a tub of BodyTech Birthday Cake WheyTech Pro 24 to whip one up for yourself!

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