Brand Spotlight: Rainbow Light

We have all sorts of ROYGBIV love for Rainbow Light, a nutritional supplement company founded in 1981. With the brand recently launching their new Vibrance line, we reached out to learn a little more about their origins and mission statement. Check out our Q&A with Rainbow Light general manager Ruben Monheit.

How was Rainbow Light originally envisioned?
Rainbow Light was founded in 1981 in Santa Cruz, California. Our goal was to provide healthy, nutritional supplements grounded in the power of nature.

We believe that nutrition is a powerful catalyst—it restores balance to everyday living and promotes a vibrant, happy, healthy life. Our aim is to create nutritional supplements that unlock a new state of fulfillment (when taken as part of a healthy lifestyle).

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We invest heavily in science and innovation, aiming to shape the industry with advancements in nutritional supplementation. In fact, in 1984, Rainbow Light introduced the first ever food-based multivitamin.

We also aim to support digestive health and promote energy with our combination of vitamins, fruits, greens, probiotics and enzymes—so our customers can be their best, most energetic selves.

What is the meaning behind the brand name?
The name stems from our first product offered: spirulina. Our researchers found that spirulina refracts all the colors (which reveal the full range of nutrients in spirulina) of the rainbow when viewed under a light spectrophotometer. Plus, spirulina can still be found in all of our multivitamins.

What can consumers expect when they buy a Rainbow Light product?
Rainbow Light customers can always expect unsurpassed purity, quality, and the best combination of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals in each product. We rely on scientific research to determine what is best to include in each vitamin so we can provide the very best nutrients for your family.

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Social responsibility seems to be very important to Rainbow Light—why?
Rainbow Light is dedicated to promoting improved health so that individuals and communities can thrive. We feel it is our responsibility to extend our support for human health beyond just our customers—and help those facing malnutrition to get the nourishment they need to live healthy, productive lives. By helping women and children in food-insecure areas around the world, we aim to ensure a prosperous global community for years to come.

By exercising our corporate social responsibility, we help build a stronger state of health for our global community through our founding-supporter partnership with Vitamin Angels, bringing life-saving nutrients to women in developing nations in communities around the globe, including 23 states in the US.

Rainbow Light’s one percent for Global Good program is an initiative in which one percent of all product sales are donated in the form of multivitamins for women and children to food-insecure areas of the world through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.

Rainbow Light is also committed to constant improvements in our own business practices that support a healthy environment. We support organizations like Save Our Shores and 5 Gyres, and continuously strive to improve our corporate footprint. As the first supplement company in the world to convert to 100 percent recycled EcoGuard bottles, we have reduced our package footprint by 92 percent, keeping millions of plastic bottles out of the waste stream annually.

How is Rainbow Light a female-friendly and inclusive brand?
Rainbow Light was led for over 30 years by a woman president/CEO and has always employed equal opportunity hiring practices, flexible schedules for parenting, and support for the healthy lifestyle of its employees.

We’ve also been a leader in customized nutrition for women, and were the first brand to introduce food-based prenatal and women’s multivitamins, as well as the first one-per-day women’s and prenatal formulas.