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What’s Trending Now: Stim-Free Pre-Workouts

The words ‘pre-workout’ and ‘caffeine’ practically go hand-in-hand. But if you work out late at night or are sensitive to stimulants, the last thing you need is a high-stim pre-workout—unless, of course, you dig the jitters or staring at the ceiling all night. 

Skipping the caffeine doesn’t mean you’re stuck going into workouts with a shaker cup full of plain water. A stim-free pre-workout can give your muscles (and mind) the edge needed for you to rip through a killer workout. Check out the following six popular picks for the pumps, endurance, and determination you’re after—all without a milligram of caffeine. 

1. GAT Sport Stim-Free PMP

Known for their no-joke sports nutrition supplements, GAT promises to pump up your workouts with Stim-Free PMP. PMP (which stands for Peak Muscle Performance) boasts a formula that supports mental focus, muscular energy, and serious pump. Star players include citrulline, beta-alanine, and agmatine sulfate—plus calming l-theanine to keep your drive smooth. 

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2. ProSupps L-Carnitine 1500

Our body uses the amino acid-like compound l-carnitine to turn fats into energy, so it comes in clutch when you want to make the most of your energy stores in the gym. ProSupps L-Carnitine 1500 packs an impressive 1,500 milligrams of l-carnitine. Use it to power lower-intensity, steady-state cardio, as part of your pre-workout stack, or to support weight management.

3. BodyTech Elite Nitrulline Powder 

A fan favorite of BodyTech Elite’s line of advanced sports nutrition supplements, Nitrulline Powder contains a number of ingredients that support nitric oxide production, pumps, and endurance. (It also provides to a couple of workout-friendly vitamins and minerals.) A whopping 4,000 milligrams of citrulline (plus 1,000 milligrams of arginine and some glycerol) take your pumps to the next level, ensuring your muscles get the blood, oxygen, and nutrients they need to go hard.

4. Hilo Nitro Pump Gummies

If you prefer to chew your pre-workout rather than drink it, these Blood Orange Nitro Pump Gummies from Hilo make fueling up on the go a cinch. In addition to yummy flavor, each gummy contains 350 milligrams of nitrates. Our body converts these compounds into nitric oxide, which then dilates blood vessels so they’re ready for action.

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These gummies also come in handy if you need a mid-workout boost during longer training sessions or endurance races. 

5. BodyTech Beta-Alanine Powder

If you’re only going to put one single stim-free ingredient in your shaker cup, make it beta-alanine. This compound helps boost muscle strength, power, and endurance—and works to delay muscle fatigue so you can keep going hard. BodyTech’s unflavored Beta-Alanine Powder mixes right into your water (or other pre-workout mix). 

6. M.A.N. Sports Pump Powder

One of M.A.N. Sports’ most-loved products, Pump Powder is a legend among caffeine-free workout-boosters. Its simple label makes it a favorite among proprietary blend-haters. Every scoop packs 5,000 milligrams of three big-time pump-inducers (citrulline, glycerol, and agmatine sulfate), plus a hefty dose of energy-boosting vitamin B12, and some vitamin C and niacin. The creatine- and tingle-free formula promises a serious spike in nitric oxide and hardcore pumps. Plus, the Sour Batch flavor is an all-time fan favorite. 

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