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11 Sports Nutrition Supps That Taste Like Candy

When you’re dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and seeing consistent progress in the gym, it influences everything from the contents of your pantry to your bed time. You try to trade healthy habits (like eating more veggies and taking after-dinner dog walks) in for the not-so-great ones (like eating an entire bag of sour watermelon candies for lunch or watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning every night).

Even with all the will power and discipline in the world, though, sometimes we mere mortals just need to indulge. Occasional pizza dinners and days spent on the couch can be good for us here and there, but what if the supplements we already take to support the grind could taste like treats and keep us on track?

These candy-flavored sports nutrition supplements offer all the satisfaction of our favorite sweets, without the sugar crash or calorie bomb. Sip on these to support energized workouts, proper recovery, and progress—all while indulging your sweet tooth.

1. Cellucor C4 Original Juicy Candy Burst Pre-Workout

Cellucor’s classic pre-workout formula gets new life with this fruity, juicy candy flavor. It’s every bit as explosive as your workout will be. (C4 Ripped also gets in on the action with a new Fruity Rainbow Blast flavor.)

2. M.A.N. Sports Products Sour Batch Iso-Amino

True sour candy lovers who are often disappointed by ‘sour’-flavored supps that are still too sweet, look no further. Sour Batch Iso Aminos provides the same pucker-inducing flavor as your favorite sour candy, all while delivering the BCAAs your body craves for energy, repair, and recovery.

3. Betancourt Nutrition Candy Watermelon Creatine Plus

If you’re taking creatine capsules or chugging unflavored powder, you’re missing out. Betancourt’s Watermelon Candy powder packs four grams of creatine and tastes so good it’ll single-handedly motivate you to hydrate and grow.

4. ProSupps Pixie Dust Mr. Hyde Nitrox Pre-Workout

You already trust Mr. Hyde to help you get your mental and physical ‘pump’ on—and now you can trust its Pixie Dust flavor to take you next-level. It’s every bit as sweet as pixie stick candy, without the worry of accidentally breathing some in and filling your lungs with sugary powder.

5. BPI Sports Sour Candy Best BCAA

Candy lovers searching for the perfect balance of sweet and sour will find it in BPI’s Sour Candy aminos. Recover deliciously as you reap the benefits of BCAAs and the extra CLA bonus.

6. Optimum Nutrition Cotton Candy Essential Amino Energy

We know ON’s Watermelon Amino Energy is a fan favorite, but hear us out: The Cotton Candy is straight out of a childhood carnival daydream. Seriously, we can practically taste the sticky, sweet, sugary strands stuck to our fingertips.

7. M.A.N. Sports Peanut Butter Bits Clean Protein

The creamy peanut butter goodness of those brown, orange, and yellow PB candies fills your mouth with happiness with every sip of M.A.N. Sports’ protein. With a blend of four proteins, it digests quickly for post-workout recovery and keeps you satisfied long after you empty your shaker cup.

8. PEScience Cotton Candy High Volume Supreme Nitric Oxide Matrix

Cotton candy pump, anyone? PEScience’s Cotton Candy nitric oxide booster gets the blood flowing to your muscles to help you crush your workouts without any stimulants. (Unless you want to stack it, of course.)

9. BSN Sour Candy Endorush Pre-Workout

BSN’s Endorush pre-workout covers all your bases: caffeine, creatine, pump boosters, electrolytes, and vitamins, too. If that’s not enough to give you just the jolt you need before hitting the gym, the sour flavor sure will be.

10. Dymatize Nutrition Cotton Candy Pre-Workout

Dymatize fans will be stoked to try their Hand-Spun Cotton Candy pre-workout, which packs 125 grams of Teacrine and eight grams of citrulline, in addition to a slew of other workout-enhancing ingredients.

11. BPI Sports Peanut Butter Candy Bar ISO HD Whey Protein

With 25 grams of whey protein isolate and hydrolysate per scoop, BPI’s ISO HD is one of our go-to’s after a strenuous workout. The Peanut Butter Candy Bar flavor is so rich you’ll happily drink it straight from your shaker.

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