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My New Obsession: Lisa and PlusCBD Roll-on Hemp Oil

My New Obsession: PlusCBD Oil Hemp Roll-On

All my life, I have been blessed with flat, Fred Flintstone-like feet. My lack of an arch—along with my penchant for cute and not-supportive shoes—regularly has my “dogs barking.” Whether it’s an active outing with my kids, visiting friends in the city, or a busy weekend running errands, I’m prone to sore soles after a long day. 

The bane of my flat-footed existence: an annual trade show called Natural Products Expo West.

Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE THIS EVENT. It’s the place where leaders in the health food, personal care, and dietary supplements industries gather to show off new and exciting products. It’s fun, educational, and a good excuse to escape the frozen hellscape of the East Coast winter (hello, sunny Anaheim, California!). Best of all, you get to learn about (and sample) the coolest, most innovative products coming to market.

The downside of this event: You walk miles upon miles, and no matter what kind of athletic or orthopedic shoes you wear, your feet kill by the end of each day. This is a known evil to all people who attend. After the first day, your feet feel destroyed. By day three, you wonder if you’ve done permanent damage.

Enter Roll-On CBD

This past year, while waiting to board my flight to Expo West, I was scrolling through social media when I came across a bit of celebrity news that piqued my interest. The article talked about the trend of celebrities applying CBD (cannabidiol) to their feet prior to walking the red carpet, in order to stave off the suffering of a long night in designer heels.

I didn’t think much more about it until I got to the editors’ lounge at Expo West, where, sure enough, they handed out samples of roll-on CBD. Heck, I thought, if this is good enough for Mandy Moore and Michelle Williams, why not give it a try?

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One of my colleagues and I rolled a bit on our feet. Initially, it felt cool on my skin—but then it didn’t really feel like anything at all.

Moments later, it was time for my first meeting of the day, and off I ran.

CBD To The Rescue

Eight hours later, I’d downed endless samples of protein bars, collagen shots, and gluten-free pizza—and sat through 10-plus meetings. I headed to meet up with my team, recap, and unwind.

The entire day was such a whirlwind, I hadn’t really given the CBD roll-on much thought. But when my co-worker asked how my feet were doing, I realized they felt absolutely fine! And so did hers. We were shocked. 

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No, my feet were not stoned. Yet somehow, this simple roll-on had helped my feet manage the impact of a busy day stomping all around the show floor.

The next morning, however, my feet and legs did feel rather achy. While getting ready, I reapplied some of my roll-on CBD sample. Within a few minutes, I noticed my discomfort had dissipated. I was ready to get back to work—and even wear cute shoes!

That day, I felt more focused and energized knowing I could do my job in both comfort and style.

My New Go-To: PlusCBD Oil Hemp Roll-On

Now, I always carry roll-on CBD in my bag and keep a back-up in my desk drawer. At the moment, I’m loving the PlusCBD Oil Hemp Roll-On. I used it on my feet before a long night of dancing in heels at my cousin’s wedding, apply it to my shoulders when I’m feeling a little tense at the office, and use it on my muscles when I’m sore from coaching my son’s soccer team.

For me, my hemp roll-on helps to subtly release tension. I prefer a more natural approach when it comes to my health, and I’m glad this safe and convenient solution has kept me moving.

Lisa is a Senior Concept Copywriter for The Vitamin Shoppe.

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