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This Collagen Cookie Dough And Dream Bar Put Pillsbury In A Corner

Collagen is one of the biggest trends in the world of health and wellness right now—and if you think coffee and smoothies are the only way to get your fix, your mind is about to be blown.

Collagen peptides, which dissolve easily in liquids, mix well with other ingredients, and don’t have any flavor, are easy to incorporate into pretty much any recipe in the book—including desserts.

These Chocolate Chip Collagen Cookie Dough and Collagen Dream Bar recipes use simple, wholesome ingredients (think coconut oil, maple syrup, and oats) and The Vitamin Shoppe brand Collagen Peptides Powder to transform some of your favorite indulgences into feel-good treats that pack extra protein.

To whip up this eat-out-of-the-jar cookie dough, you’ll need:

– ½ cup oats, ground into flour
– ¾ cup almond flour 
– 5 scoops The Vitamin Shoppe brand Collagen Peptides Powder
– 2 Tbsp maple syrup
– ¼ cup almond milk
– ¼ cup chocolate chips

For these decadent ‘candy’ bars, you’ll need:

Caramel Layer
– 2 scoops The Vitamin Shoppe brand Collagen Peptides Powder 
– 2 Tbsp plnt coconut oil, melted
– 6 large pitted dates

Shortbread Layer
– 2/3 cup almond flour
– 3 Tbsp plnt coconut oil, melted
– 7 drops plnt liquid stevia

Chocolate Layer
– ¾ cup chocolate chips

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