Week 1: Your First Two Weeks Of Workouts

Now that you’ve got some basic info about the challenge we’ll be chugging through together—and tons of yummy and healthy recipes to reinvent your diet with—it’s time to get sweaty!

Here’s what to expect during these first two weeks: You’ll strength-train three times a week, stretch and foam roll for 10 minutes twice a week, and do a 15,000-step challenge once a week! You’ll burn a ton of calories and start to build some strong, lean muscle!

Here’s your schedule for the next two weeks of workouts:

And here are your full strength-training workouts and instructions for your stretching days and 15k step challenge days:

(Download Workout A as a PDF HERE.)


(Download Workout B as a PDF HERE.)


15k Steps Challenge Instructions:
Aim to take a minimum of 15,000 steps before bedtime today. There are a number of great wearable fitness trackers, like the TomTom Spark or Touch, and free step-counting apps, like Stepz, available. (Some smart phones even count your steps, but you’ll need to make sure you have it on you all day).You’re in for a movement-filled day!

Stretching & Foam Rolling Instructions:
Spend 10 minutes stretching out all of your major muscle groups. Hold each stretch for five deep breaths before moving onto the next. You’ll also foam roll your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, upper back, and chest. This will help you work on your mobility (an essential for thriving in life!) and get the blood flowing to your muscles to help them recover.