Week 3: Your 5-Day Meal Plan

 Are you hungry yet?

You’ve filled your pantry with clean-eating ingredients—and now it’s time to fill your plate! Our five-day Eat Clean Meal Plan eliminates the guesswork and gets you started with simple (but tasty!) meals as you adjust to planning, shopping, and cooking in a different way.

This meal plan is designed for two people—so double the ingredients if you’re feeding a family. (And of course, you can always halve the ingredients if you’re cooking for one.) The portion sizes here are simply suggestions, so feel free to adjust them to fit your personal needs and nutrition requirements.

Because we believe in ‘Cook once, eat twice,’ we’ve included recipes that will have leftovers you can use for other meals during the week or stash in the freezer for a later date when you simply don’t have the time or energy to cook.

Without further ado:

Don’t worry, we’ve got you fully covered for the next five days. We created a full grocery list and recipe guide so you can nail these next few days of clean eating!

(Click here to download your grocery list, and here to download your full recipe guide.)