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I Tried 8 Face Masks For Glowing Skin And These Were My Favorites

I’ve never had particularly bad skin, but ever since masks (the medical kind) became part of my everyday life, I can’t seem to prevent my skin from breaking out, drying, peeling, and cracking.

After researching some high-rated skin-care products at The Vitamin Shoppe, I decided to give a handful of new face masks (the beauty kind) a try and see if they’d solve my skin woes.

I ordered eight different face masks, including gel- and cream-based formulas, sheet masks, and overnight clay-based options. I choose to keep my beauty routine animal-free, so I opted for brands that didn’t include collagen and were not tested on animals.

Though none of these face masks completely solved my medical mask-related skin issues, I definitely found a few to add to my regular rotation when I want some relaxation, hydration, or just a fun night of self-care. Here were my three favorites.

Urban Hydration Castor & Shea Facial Mask

I’m a major fangirl of Urban Hydration’s founder (have you read her story?) but had never actually tried any of the brand’s products out of fear I wouldn’t remain a fan (they say never meet your heroes). Now I’m mad I didn’t try them earlier!

The Urban Hydration Castor & Shea Facial Mask is a peel-off gel, not a sheet mask or cream (my usual go-to’s). I had never used a peel-off mask before, but the bottle indicated this method helps to exfoliate the skin and remove impurities. Plus, the shea butter and castor oil are great for hydration.

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The instructions said to apply a thin layer of the product to the skin, let it dry for five to 10 minutes, and then gently peel it off. The gel itself was super-cooling and felt great on my skin. (Use a headband if you have a lower hairline to keep strays from getting stuck.)

I was pretty skeptical about the peel-off function—until the gel started drying and hardening on my face. It wasn’t that annoying kind of hardening that makes it difficult to move your face, though. Instead, it dried into a very thin layer. To my surprise, I grabbed a corner under my chin and peeled it off in just one smooth pull. It was so satisfying. The best part? My skin felt super-hydrated and soft.

Winged Radiance Facial Mask

I’ve always been a huge fan of Winged CBD’s branding, so I was excited to try the CBD-infused face mask. The Winged Radiance Facial Sheet Mask features 15 milligrams of CBD, plus snow mushrooms, aloe, and shea butter. The package claims the mask will leave your skin feeling moisturized, smooth, and glowing. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

Each mask is packaged in a single-use packet. When you remove the mask from the packet, be sure to peel the two outer layers off first (I didn’t do this at first). Then, place the mask directly onto your clean face. I found that the mask stuck pretty well and I didn’t have to fuss with it much, which isn’t often the case with sheet masks.

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I think the best part about this mask was how relaxing it was to have on. The combo of CBD and chamomile made for a lovely, calming scent.

After removing masks, I usually feel the urge to go rinse my face to remove any sticky residue. But this particular face mask actually left my face feeling fresh, moisturized, and hydrated. I also found that I didn’t break out from any of the ingredients the next day.

Farm Skin Superfood Salad Facial Mask

The Superfood Salad Facial Masks come in three options. The avocado package includes seven sheet masks, each associated with a different salad ingredient and beauty goal. I chose to try the tomato for revitalizing. Other options in the package include green tea for soothing, avocado for softening, carrot for pore-purifying, honey for illuminating, broccoli for refreshing, and blueberry for strengthening.

I was skeptical about whether these everyday food ingredients would actually do anything. Could tomatoes really revitalize my dry skin?

The packets say to wash your face and apply toner before applying the masks. I don’t own toner (I’m not one for a great beauty routine), so I just skipped that. I applied the sheet mask to my face and left it on for 20 minutes. I was worried the mask would smell vegetal, but it was surprisingly floral and relaxing. The product was really packed into the sheet, so even though it was a little goopy, it helped keep the mask stuck to my face without much fuss.

After I removed the mask, I rubbed the residue into my skin. A good amount of the product remained on my face, so I just let it hang out and dry on its own. When it was dried, I actually felt really fresh and clean, and my skin looked glowy. I felt like some life had breathed itself into my often dull complexion. I also didn’t find I broke out at all from the mask, which was an added plus.

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