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My New Obsession: Peanut Butter Fat Snax Cookies

I’ve been following a keto lifestyle for about eight months now, and though I love the simplicity of it (seriously, it’s a lot easier than most expect), stocking up on keto-friendly snacks has been a challenge.

With two toddlers at home, I don’t really have time to whip up big batches of fat bombs or the fancy keto snacks everyone’s posting on Instagram these days. Since we launched our Keto HQ at The Vitamin Shoppe, though, I’ve tried all sorts of new and unique keto-friendly products—including a few packaged snacks.

I’ve loved testing out all sorts of keto foods, but one snack in particular has absolutely stolen my heart: Fat Snax Cookies. I’d seen rave reviews online before trying them—and the hype was real. They blow a lot of other keto snacks out of the water.

Meet Fat Snax, Keto’s Favorite Cookies

Made with ingredients like coconut flour, almond flour, and butter, Fat Snax are low in carbs and perfect for anyone following a keto diet. (A serving provides eight grams of healthy fats.) Every pack includes two snack-sized cookies—either Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, or Lemony Lemon.

The Chocolate Chip cookies contain just two grams of net carbs per cookie—and the Peanut Butter and Lemon just one per cookie! So, you can imagine my excitement about trying them.

Why Fat Snax Rocked My World

From my first bite of a Lemony Lemon Fat Snax cookie, I was hooked. And after trying the other flavors as soon as I could, Peanut Butter quickly became my favorite.

I love that the cookies are small but satiating. You feel like you can enjoy two of them without totally blowing your day! I feel good about snacking on them and they taste like a treat.

Final Thoughts

Since first trying Fat Snax, they’ve become an everyday go-to for me. When I’m rushing out the door, I know I can toss these in my bag and be good to go.

Lately, I’ve been fasting until early afternoon, and I’ve been breaking my fast with Fat Snax. I look forward to them every single day—and they always hold me over until I get home to make dinner. I’ve even gotten a few keto friends into them, too. I handed out a stash alongside the cake at my son’s birthday party last month, and they were an absolute hit.

Sheri Israel-Duarte manages product education for The Vitamin Shoppe.

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