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6 Floral Waters That Can Totally Replace Your Skin Toner

Toners have, for a while now, been touted as a necessary step in our skin-care rituals. And that’s because they’re made to balance your skin’s pH levels while brightening, cleansing, and toning it. A little flower water, however, can provide all of that, while also offering up the unique properties of natural ingredients.

Floral waters are made from various types of plants and flowers that are generally used to make essential oils—such as chamomile, rose, or lavender. The flower is boiled in distilled water, and the resulting steam (once it has cooled off) becomes the floral water. The water carries the same properties of an essential oil, but because the plant or flower is diluted in water (rather than concentrated like essential oils are) they are safe to use directly on the skin. Plus, floral waters smell like a dream!

Here, six of our favorites—and the beauty benefits of each.

roseRose Water

According to a study in Current Microbiology, the essential oil of rose and hydrosol boast both antioxidant and cleansing properties when applied topically. And, rose water is known to be gentle on skin that tends to be sensitive to other ingredients.

Try: Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

mintMint Water

If you’re looking to finish your cleansing routine feeling invigorated and uplifted, mint water is your go-to. According to Toxicological Research, mint can be used to condition the skin, leaving it hydrated and refreshed. Also, a cool splash of mint is a great no-caffeine-needed way to wake up during those early mornings.

Try: Moroccan Menthe Beauty Water


tea treeTea Tree Water

Tea Tree oil has been used in dozens of ways, from helping to keep bugs away to cleansing the home. But it’s also great for the skin (especially sensitive skin), due to its mega-cleansing properties, according to Europe PMC.  With its fresh cooling properties, it can also be used to awaken dull or tired skin.

Try: South African Tea Tree Beauty Oil

chamomileChamomile Water

Chamomile is beloved for its super-soothing properties. Whether in the form of a relaxing tea or as a calming floral water, this gentle giant of an herb can be helpful to having good health. According to The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, chamomile also shows some antioxidant properties, which the skin loves. Win! Beware ragweed allergy sufferers, however: Chamomile can occasionally trigger reactions in people with ragweed allergies, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

                                                       Try: South African Cape Chamomile Beauty Water

lavenderLavender Water

Lavender has an incredibly relaxing scent, which makes it an ideal nighttime skin toner. As a floral water it’s both cleansing and soothing to the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin that can’t handle other heavier facial skin products.

Try: South African Lavender Soothing Facial Water


witch hazelWitch Hazel Water

Many people don’t even realize that witch hazel, which, as a toner can be made with lavender or rose, is actually a flower! Without the alcohol and other potential ingredients, you’re left with an astringent floral water that is soft and gentle on the skin. Not only can it tone and cleanse your skin, it can also protect it with its antioxidant properties, according to Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Try: Certified Organic Witch Hazel Astringent  


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