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The 5 Fruits With The Most (And Least!) Sugar

With so much anti-sugar buzz bouncing around these days, you’ve probably already nixed the added sweet stuff that lurks in salad dressings, granola bars, and coffee shop drinks (that one was hard). You’ve maybe even considered cutting back on fruit. After all, sugar fast-tracks you to diabetes and obesity, right?

While too much sugar can be a major problem for your bod—both on the inside and the outside—fruit packs tons of other nutrients, like vitamins and fiber, and deserves a spot in your grocery cart. (We asked the experts.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for lower-sugar fruits if you’re really zeroing in on your intake.

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Check out this infographic for the low-down on the high- and low-sugar fruits in the produce aisle:

5 Fruits With The Most Least Sugar.jpg

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