Week 4: The Simplest Things Can Lead To Great Success

For the past five years, I’ve done the same ritual every single morning—and I can tell you that it’s an absolute game changer.

When I first wake up—before I even get out of bed—I think of three things that I’m grateful for. Just this morning, I thought about how grateful I am for my home and everyone whose hard work and sacrifice made it possible for me to have. I thought about the people who built it. I thought about all of the clients who put their trust and resources into me and my work, and how that enabled me to have this home.

Then, I thought about my parents and all of their guidance and support over the years—particularly my mom, who raised me by herself for the first five years of my life, working five jobs (yes, you read that right, five) to keep us afloat.

And then I thought about…you. True story. This morning, before I got out of bed, I thought about you. Your efforts and desire to change your life and health for the better (even if it’s in the pursuit of abs—no judgement!) is so incredibly inspiring. And your drive to better yourself is exactly what allows me to do what I love. So, while I have your attention here, thank you.

Some mornings I think of big things. Some morning I think of small things. What’s important is that they’re my things. Yes, some mornings it takes a little longer than others to come up with three things—life isn’t perfect and we all have bad days. But part of the beauty and power of this practice is that it forces my mind to shift into a positive state.

After I do this in the morning, I find I’m able to see opportunities throughout the day where I might have otherwise seen problems. I find the positive where I may have only found the negative. And having that outlook on the day and on life makes me incredibly happy.

So give it a try. Just give it a week and see how it changes things for you.

To make this practice stick, start out by writing down those three things you’re grateful for each morning. Keep a journal (it can be the same journal you’re writing your goals down in) and a pen by your bed. When you wake up, mark the date in your journal and write down your three things. Hey, it’s okay if on some days one of your three things is ‘coffee’—but really put your heart and mind into the ritual.

Something about the act of writing down what you’re grateful for really helps that gratitude hit home. Plus, having all of your past gratitude documented right there for you to see will be helpful on the mornings when you’re having a harder time finding thanks.

Get ready to fall asleep with a greater appreciation for everything in your life.

Before I let you go, remember to apply that principle of progressive overload to your workouts this week! Knock out an extra rep or up the weight when you can. I bet one of your future ‘gratitudes’ will be feeling strong and capable in your body!