These Green Pancakes Are Little Slices Of Healthy Heaven

Nothing quite completes a Saturday morning like a warm stack of homemade pancakes. Thing is, your average flapjacks don’t exactly scream nutrition. (After all, most pancake mix is made from bleached flour and partially-hydrogenated oils.)

Don’t throw out your maple syrup just yet, though! These delightfully green pancakes, courtesy of chef and Ora Organic co-founder Ron Chang, put a healthy spin on the classic breakfast—and even pack a dose of veggies.

The pancake batter ingredients are clean and simple:

Top your green pancakes off with strawberry maple syrup and fresh berries, and you’ve got both a colorful and delicious stack.

Here’s the full recipe:


What makes Ora’s Easy Being Green powder so special? It’s made from over 20 organic vegetables, grasses, herbs, and superfoods. In addition to the antioxidants and phytonutrients in the greens, special ingredients like ashwagandha add an extra perk of immune and mood support.

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For just 25 calories, one scoop of the greens provides vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and more. Plus, its natural orange and lemon flavors (and a touch of monk fruit for sweetness) mix well with just about anything. Especially pancakes, mmm.

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