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Healthy Awards® Hero: Edi’s Story Of Resilience

Our new Healthy Awards® program is more exciting than ever—and to celebrate its launch, we’re giving special shout-outs to members who’ve made incredible strides in hitting their health goals. From dramatic weight-loss transformations to stories of persevering against unthinkable odds, we’re truly inspired by their experiences—and their rich relationships with our Health Enthusiasts. 

This story is told by Elizabeth Camman, Health Enthusiast at The Vitamin Shoppe in Gainesville, FL

In the few years that Edi has shopped with us at The Vitamin Shoppe, she and I have developed a really special relationship. A woman with a young, youthful glow and a smile that lights up any room, she’s been an absolute inspiration.

Throughout the past few years, Edi has endured several physical and emotional stresses—but for all the pain she’s experienced, she’s never given up.

Edi’s Story

Edi has a highly stressful job as an occupational therapist, providing therapy for special needs children ages 5 to 22-years-old at a local school. She also runs a small ranch and cares for several animals, including sheep, donkeys, and chickens.

Between working at school and caring for her animals, Edi keeps busy from sun-up to sundown.  But despite her hectic schedule, she always finds time to come in to The Vitamin Shoppe for whatever she needs to maintain her health and overall well-being. We’re always there to support her, whether by recommending new products or helping her tweak her supplement regimen.

A little over a year ago, devastation hit. Edi’s husband, Tony, the love of her life and partner for 27 years, suddenly fell ill. He was in great health, so Edi rushed him to the hospital, where doctors struggled to figure out what was wrong. Then, before she knew it, Tony was gone.

Not long after this shocking loss, Edi came to me, raw with emotion. I was heartbroken for her.

Still, shortly after that emotional visit, she returned for products to help her with sleep, nutrition, and immune health. She was resolute in her desire to take care of herself.

As if the heartbreak of losing her husband wasn’t enough, though, Edi had an accident on her bicycle trying to avoid hitting a deer. She sustained a number of injuries, including a major fracture in her left leg. Unable to return to work with the children for months, she is now back and continuing to rehab and get stronger.

Still today, Edi fights through pain and mobility issues as she recovers—all while continuing to work and tend to her ranch.

Edi Walker and Health Enthusiast

Against all odds, Edi remains determined to continue her wellness journey. She smiles when she spots her favorite products in the store and, in turn, I can’t help but smile, too. I know she can do it, and she does too.

Healthier Every Day

Edi has shown me—and all of us—what it means to be a fighter. No matter what challenges she faces, she focuses on her own wellbeing so she can regain both the physical and emotional strength she needs to be her very best for her kids and animals, every single day. Such a remarkable woman deserves to be celebrated!

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