Healthy Awards® Hero: Jason’s Fitness-Fueled Service

Our new Healthy Awards® program is more exciting than ever—and to celebrate its launch, we’re giving special shout-outs to members who’ve made incredible strides in hitting their health goals. From dramatic weight-loss transformations to stories of persevering against unthinkable odds, we’re truly inspired by their experiences—and their rich relationships with our Health Enthusiasts. 

This story is told by Zach Adams, Health Enthusiast at The Vitamin Shoppe in Cincinnati, OH

A life-long purveyor of healthy living, Jason Laine decided to take a holistic approach when he found himself fighting a severe illness. In search of the supplements he needed, he swung by his local Vitamin Shoppe. Why? It seemed like the most convenient option.

Zach, the Store Manager, greeted Jason; he could tell Jason had a pretty solid knowledge of vitamins and supplements. Nevertheless, they chatted about what Jason was going through, and Zach offered his expertise where he could. As Jason continued his wellness journey, he returned to The Vitamin Shoppe time and time again, not for convenience, but for camaraderie.

You can get this stuff on Amazon or other places, but what you don’t get is the people. The culture Zach has created in this Vitamin Shoppe is friendly, helpful, and everyone receives the full treatment. Zach knew I was pretty knowledgeable on what I needed, but he always asked for an update and checked in on my progress.

As Jason got his health back on track, he and Zach started working more closely together. The owner of Vision Fitness & MMA, Jason began referring his athletes to Zach and his team for guidance on supplements to support their training. When given the opportunity to visit the gym, Zach was struck by the sense of community he felt as soon as he walked in the door.

I set up a lot of events with our Wellness Partners. Some are more for people just looking for samples and some information, but this felt like a family. These people genuinely cared about what I had to say and were seeking answers on how I could help them be better.

Spending more and more time at Jason facility, Zach got the itch to try boxing for himself. (Ah, how the mentor so quickly becomes the mentee!) Jason set Zach up with gloves and a training schedule. Eventually, he entered a boxing competition of his own!

The bond between Zach and Jason has helped The Vitamin Shoppe and Vision Fitness come together as a super community. Jason founded The Vision Fitness Foundation, and, with Zach’s support, has been able to help struggling athletes and troubled youth in the Cincinnati area stay off the streets and out of prison. How? By offering them holistic training programs and a free place to work out.

If we can teach them little things, like the right way to throw a hit, or teach them to box, or show them what clean supplements look like, we can help them feel safe within their community and like they are a part of our community.
– Jason

What started as a Store Manager assisting a savvy customer blossomed into a partnership that spread wellness throughout an entire community. Zach and Jason’s loyalty to one another has touched many lives, including their own!