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Healthy Awards® Hero: Ken Cheema’s Incredible Keto Transformation

Our new Healthy Awards® program is more exciting than ever—and to celebrate its launch, we’re giving special shout-outs to members who’ve made incredible strides in hitting their health goals. From dramatic weight-loss transformations to stories of persevering against unthinkable odds, we’re truly inspired by their experiences—and their rich relationships with our store Health Enthusiasts. 

Earlier this year, The Vitamin Shoppe asked its store Health Enthusiasts to nominate their most inspiring customers to receive some special surprises, and of all of the remarkable stories they shared, one truly stood out.

After a jarring doctor’s appointment forced him to take his health into his own hands, Ken Cheema adopted a ketogenic diet, started hitting the gym, and lost an astounding 400 pounds.

Check out the video below to learn more about Ken’s journey.

Celebrate You: Ken Cheema’s Transformation Story

Through his dedication and support of his local Health Enthusiasts, Ken has been able to truly turn his health around. And that’s certainly worth celebrating!

Not a Healthy Awards® member yet? Stop into your local The Vitamin Shoppe or head to vitaminshoppe.com to sign up for free!

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