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What 8 Health Enthusiasts Eat For Breakfast

Your mom told you hundreds of times, and we’ll tell you yet again: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But not just any breakfast will do. Choosing a solid, high-protein morning meal (like eggs, Greek yogurt, or a protein shake) over that stale, office coffee kiosk muffin may help you beat sugar cravings and keep energy crashes at bay all day long.

Since the same ol’ morning meal can get boring day after day, we asked some of the healthiest people we know (our own employees—we call ‘em Health Enthusiasts because they’re just that good) for their all-time favorite breakfasts, photos and all. Following their lead, you’ll never have to settle for those no-good, empty calories again.


“My go-to breakfast is a Flapjacked protein waffle! It gives me all the nutrients I need to get through my workout and the rest of the morning! My favorite flavor is the banana hazelnut. Sometimes I top it off with some marshmallow fluff and fruity cereal for a special treat.”

—Samantha Phillips, Assistant Store Manager, Store 679, Clark, NJ


“My usual breakfast meal is my Swiss Chocolate Next Step shake with two tablespoons of peanut butter and a banana blended in. I love this shake because it tastes delicious and mixes extremely well. Plus, it contains almost 12 grams of fiber and really keeps me full until lunchtime.”

—Shannon Winter, Store 818, Glen Mills, PA


“Scrambled eggs and spinach is such an easy, delicious breakfast. I even make it for dinner sometimes when I’m feeling lazy or need something super quick. I’m following the Whole30 diet right now, so it’s become my go-to!”

—Jennifer Pena, Video Producer and Editor


“My morning protein smoothie contains enough carbs, protein, and fat to keep me going until lunchtime! I use plant protein, unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, half a banana, powdered greens, coconut oil powder, and True Athlete Kre-Alkalyn creatine.”

—Elizabeth Horner, Store 439, Shreveport, LA


“I usually start the day with lean ground sirloin, eggs, and Ezekial toast, topped with hot Buffalo sauce. It tastes great, contains zero sugar, and is packed with almost 60 grams of protein. I’m eating a calorie surplus right now in order to build muscle mass, so this hefty morning meal is perfect for me as a bodybuilder.”

—Rob Trench, Manager, Store 144, St. Petersburg, FL

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“My typical breakfast is a power bowl of sautéed kale, egg whites, and red quinoa. I love incorporating quinoa, a superfood with all nine essential amino acids.”

—Fabian Villanueva, Store 395, Menifee, CA


“My go-to breakfast is a mug of quick oats. They’re a little plain in flavor, so I put cinnamon sugar on the top to add some fun—and so I don’t get bored of it. It’s simple, easy, and keeps me full and satisfied for a few hours.”

—Christine Murray, Brand Communications Manager


“My breakfast almost always involves some sort of egg-veggie combo. The more green the better! Here I’ve got two fried eggs over spinach with some avocado on the side. And, of course, tons of red pepper flakes and black pepper for a nice kick.”

—Lauren Del Turco, Associate Editor

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