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3 Healthified Halloween Treats You Can DIY

Halloween is a sweets-lover’s best friend and biggest enemy. All the chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and sugar-coated sourness you could ever want—and more calories, plastic wrappers, and sugar comas than you could ever need.

Don’t get us wrong: We’ll definitely be digging into the trick-or-treater candy stash and polishing off our fair share of mini Milky Ways. But we’ll also never pass up an opportunity to find healthier ways to satisfy our biggest cravings.

With these three guilt-free candy recipes, developed exclusively for The Vitamin Shoppe by The Coconut Diaries, you can eat your fill of creamy chocolate and peanut butter, chewy fruity gummies, and sweet and salty snack mix well past October 31st.

Have at it!


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