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Holiday Gifts For The Health Nuts In Your Life

Holiday shopping season has officially begun, and while you probably know exactly what to get your nieces and nephews (they’ve had their lists ready since August), it can be tricky thinking up gifts for other family members, friends, and co-workers. That’s where we can help!

We’ve rounded up our top picks for everyone from your meal prep-obsessed boss to your gym buddy. So sit back, relax, scroll, order, and voila—every health nut in your life will be praising your thoughtfulness.

Self-Care Essentials

Perfect for at-home spa days and any natural beauty regimen, these masks, bath bombs, and more help even the busiest people slow down and self-pamper.

Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Bath Bombs

Made with natural ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, and coconut oil, these Coconut & Papaya Bath Bombs from Nubian Heritage make any bath feel luxurious! Drop one of the effervescent balls into warm water and you’ll feel instantly relaxed. Plus, the bath bombs’ moisturizing ingredients will leave you skin soft and heavenly-smelling.

Organic Skincare Doctor Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask

Manuka honey has been long praised for its high antioxidant content and benefits both as a food and a skin-care ingredient. This Organic Skincare Doctor mask pairs Manuka honey with a number of other skin-boosting ingredients, like clay. Together, they deep clean, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. It’s a two-in-one detox and refresh for your complexion.

Vital Proteins Strawberry Lemon Beauty Collagen

If you truly want to glow, you’ve got to nourish a beaming complexion from the inside out. Vital Proteins’ Beauty Collagen provides 12 grams of collagen—the protein that helps our skin stay firm and elastic, and supports strong hair and nails—per serving. It also includes 120 milligrams of hyaluronic acid, which supports moist skin. Naturally flavored and sweetened, it’s a delish way to upgrade any glass of water.

My Magic Mud Mint Activated Charcoal Alcohol-Free Oral Rinse

Activated charcoal has taken oral care by storm, making its way into chewing gums, toothpastes, and even mouthwashes. My Magic Mud’s charcoal-based oral rinse is literally a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to clean up their routine. Made with natural ingredients like aloe vera, baking soda, activated charcoal, turmeric, and vitamin C, it gently but effectively promotes a healthy mouth and a radiant smile. Alcohol-free and flavored with natural peppermint, it gets the job done without making your mouth burn or eyes water.

Fitness Fundamentals

These picks will help take anyone’s workouts to the next level so they can crush their goals day in and day out.

BlenderBottle Classic Full Color Shaker Cup With Loop

Perhaps the number-one essential of any gym-goer is a good shaker cup. Whether you’re downing a pre-workout or good ol’ H2O, it’s a must-have companion. BlenderBottle’s 20-ounce bottle is BPA-free and sports a convenient loop for easy carrying. It’s a simple, sleek, and reliable way to hydrate both in and out of the gym.

Kaged Muscle Orange Krush Pre-Kaged

With so many pre-workout supplements out there, it can be hard to find your perfect match. Kaged Muscle’s Pre-Kaged combines a number of winning nutrients for a high-quality pre-workout that ramps up energy, focus, strength, endurance, and pump. One serving packs 6.5 grams of the pump-boosting amino acid l-citrulline and 3.5 grams of muscle-loving BCAAs (with an extra three grams of leucine), along with beta-alanine, betaine, and more. With 274 milligrams of caffeine a pop, it’s sure to provide a boost.

BodyTech Fruit Punch Creatine & Glutamine with Beta-Alanine

To support workout performance and recovery without the buzz of caffeine, this stim-free combo of creatine, glutamine, and beta alanine from BodyTech is the way to go. While creatine supports strength and performance, glutamine supports muscle recovery and growth (and immune health!), and beta-alanine boosts muscle strength and endurance. Every serving provides five grams of creatine, three grams of glutamine, and 1.6 grams of beta-alanine. If that doesn’t convince you, the fruit punch flavor will.

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Yellow Waist Trimmer

When a successful workout means sweating buckets, Sweet Sweat makes it happen. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer helps increase your core temperature during exercise, ramping up sweat production. The flexible material is contoured to provide lower back support without limiting your range of motion.

For Friends & Colleagues

Candles and coffee shop gift cards aren’t your only gift options for work BFFs and bosses! Why not give something that can help them brighten up their work space or chill out on stressful days?

 Evolution Salt Co. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Nothing brings good vibes to a work station—even the bleakest of cubicles—quite like a Himalayan salt lamp. Its warm glow is comforting, and seems to minimize everyday stresses. (You might just want to order one for yourself, too.)

Healing Solutions Top 6 Blends Aromatherapy Set

Essential oils can enrich our health and well-being in so many ways. Whether added to an oil diffuser (check out our favorite next), dropped into a warm bath, or simply massaged on the inner wrists, they do everything from energize us to help us relax. Healing Solutions’ Top 6 Blends set includes the Good Night blend, the Zen blend, the Stress Relief blend, the Health Shield blend, the Breathe blend, and the Hope blend.

SpaRoom Puremist Essential Oil Diffuser

For all-day essential oil enjoyment, this small, colorful diffuser nestles perfectly into the corner of any desk. In addition to spreading essential oil magic into the air, its seven rotating colors also brighten up any room.

6 Pack Fitness Cube Stealth Meal Bag

For the colleague that’s a meal-prep warrior, consider a 6 Pack Fitness meal bag. The Cube Stealth is a compact way to transport a full day of meals, so it’s perfect for the office. The gel pack keeps food cool for eight hours, while the zippered pouch stashes snacks and bars.

Stocking Stuffers

Few gifts are as fun to open as stocking stuffers—but does your dad really need more golf tees? These gifts will help keep your loved ones healthy and happy throughout the holiday season.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Packets

Collagen protein is ever-popular for promoting hair, skin, nail, and joint health. Unflavored collagen peptides are easy to add to everything from coffee to soup, and these single-serving packets from Vital Proteins make it easy to get your fill on-the-go.

NUUN Active Lemon Lime Electrolyte Drink Mix

Whether you’re training for an endurance race or just trying to drink more water, flavored electrolytes make a great addition to any water bottle. NUUN’s effervescent electrolyte supplement turns regular H20 into a fizzy, citrusy delight, and provides vitamin C, magnesium, sodium, and potassium to keep you fueled.

Prince of Peace 100% Natural Ginger Candy

When in doubt, candy is the perfect filler for any stocking. While we’re certainly not opposed to peppermint bark and chocolate-hazelnut truffles, why not add a functional treat to the mix? These all-natural ginger candies warm the senses and help sooth stomach issues. They’re great after a big, festive meal—or anytime you crave something sweet.

Nuts N More Cookie Butter High-Protein Peanut Butter

You simply can’t go wrong with nut butter. Nuts N More’s high-protein nut butters add whey protein isolate to classic peanut butter to ramp the protein up to 12 grams per serving. The Cookie Butter flavor is slightly sweet and worthy of being spread on everything from toast to fruit.

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