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10 Santa-Worthy Holiday Protein Treats

If we could live solely off Christmas cookies this time of year, trust us, we would. After all, it is bulking season, right?

Since we want to survive into the new year without overdosing on sugar, though, we’ll take our holiday treats with a side of protein and greens, please.

Behold, 10 of the most decadent—but non-waistline destroying—holiday recipes. Ever. Prepare to drool.

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake 


Double Hot Chocolate Merengue Protein Shake

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Pistachio Protein Eggnog

Caramel Candy Cane Protein Shake


Grinch Spritzer

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Christmas Pudding Protein Milkshake


S’Mores Butterscotch Chilled Protein Latte


Snickerdoodle Gingerbread Cookies


Santa’s Cookies And Cream Protein Shake

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Christmas Morning Shake

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