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Your Guide To Surviving Holiday Stress

It’s OK to admit it: Your favorite warm and cozy season is also a little, well, stressful. After all, you’re planning big get togethers, getting trampled at the mall, and maybe even flying cross-country to see relatives, who all have LOTS of questions.

If you’re feeling the heat, the good news is that you’ve got options—so take a breath, armor up, and get back into the swing of things with this holiday season stress-reduction arsenal.

1. TwinLab’s Stress B-Complex Caps, $14.35 for 100 capsules

Before all the craziness begins, consider taking two of these capsules each day, preferably with a meal. B vitamins play a critical role in modulating our responses to stress. Protect yourself now so it’ll be smooth-sailing by Cyber Monday.

2. Yogi Tea’s Calming Tea, $4.49 FOR A BOX

Kick back and take a load off with a delicious, steaming cup of Yogi Tea’s finest. It’s filled with good stuff like chamomile and lemongrass—and a nice licorice kick for a dose of sweetness.

3. Boiron’s Sedalia, $11.79 for 60 tablets

So you’ve been cooking all day, or your mother-in-law is notoriously hard to shop for, or you’re in charge of the company party. Take a deep breath and turn to Sedalia, a nerves-calming product that works naturally with your body. First off, it’s homeopathic, so it won’t leave you feeling out of it.You’ll want to take two tablets three times a day.

4. The Vitamin Shoppe’s Super Stress With Vitamin C, $27.99 for 300 capsules

You know that vitamin C is essential for good health. But you can’t just drink OJ all day, can you? Instead, buck up your immune system—and give yourself a dose of natural energy—by popping this antioxidant twice a day with a meal. Especially around the holidays, when you’re feeling run-down (and when cold season comes back with a vengeance), you’ll want to get all the help you need.

6. plnt’s Ashwagandha, $15.29 for 90 capsules

Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic medicinal herb known as an adaptogen, a type of plant extract known to promote a healthy stress response in our bodies. Used to help us deal with everyday anxiety, you’ll want to pop one capsule twice a day.

7. The Vitamin Shoppe’s Essential Oil – Lavender, $23.89 for 4oz

The use of lavender oil as a soothing and rest-promoting remedy has long been established, so when you need to step away from the festivities for a moment to take a breather—consider bringing it with you. Not sure how to use essential oils? Here’s where we break it all down. Basically, you can inhale it or apply right to your skin using a dilution method (like a cream or carrier oil, such as coconut oil). It smells delightful, you’ll get a moment to yourself, and you’ll be flooding your senses with something that isn’t holiday stress.

8. Organic India’s Holy Basil, $23.89 for 90 capsules

Holy wha? Stick with us for a minute. Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi) has been nicknamed “Queen of the Herbs,” and with good reason: It’s used to boost immunity, help promote energy, and it keeps you feeling revitalized. You’ll want to take one-two capsules twice a day.

9. ProBioCare’s Stress Support, $43.99 for 90 capsules

Holiday season is filled with all the goodies—chocolates and cakes and liqueurs and carbs a plenty. A little indulgence is bound to happen—and that’s totally okay! To help your stomach make it through the many holiday parties and family dinners and  office snack-fests, take this two-in-one probiotic and ashwagandha capsule, which will support your digestive system and promote a healthy stress response.

10. Hylands’ Calm Tablets, $7.99 for 100 tablets

Having a hard time sleeping? Could it be because your to-do list is reaaaaally long? You’ve got to make dinner, get presents, wrap presents, and make it through a few company parties—and who knows what else! To help fight those anxiety-wracked sleepless nights, these calm tablets will come in handy. They’re non-habit forming, totally natural, and made with a homeopathic formula. You’ll need one to three tablets about an hour and a half before bed.

11. The Vitamin Shoppe’s Rhodiola Rosea, $23.99 for 60 capsules

First of all, if you can’t pronounce Rhodiola, no worries. We’ve got you covered. Second, it’s an adaptogen, which is a compound found in herbs and natural substances that help the body adapt to stress. Sounds enticing, right? With this supplement, you’ll take one capsule twice a day with a meal to boost energy, vitality, and the feeling of, yes, I can handle this!

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