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How This Busy Doctor Incorporates CBD Into Her Daily Routine

As a busy mom of three, a practicing physician (amidst a pandemic, no less), and an entrepreneur, my to-do list always seems to be growing. In these past few months, my stress levels have reached an all-time high. (I know I’m far from the only one experiencing this!) Although I have incorporated CBD into my daily routine for over three years now, it has recently become absolutely essential for keeping me feeling balanced and even-keeled.

How I Use CBD During The Day

Lately, if I’m experiencing unusually high stress levels during the day, I reach for a full-spectrum CBD tincture and take as few or as many drops as I feel I need (anywhere up to about 15 milligrams). It depends on the day! With the liquid, I love that I have the ability to ensure I take just the right amount and can easily adjust if I realize I need more than I originally anticipated.

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After a busy day working, a heavy lifting day at the gym, or time spent playing with my kids, I often use a high-potency topical balm that contains menthol and CBD. It’s a nice way to unwind and relieve tension in my neck and back muscles. Consistent exercise is one of my most valuable methods for managing stress—and CBD is a great addition to my muscle recovery and helps ensure that I can get back to the gym day after day.

How I Use CBD At Night

Since sleep is very important for my overall productivity, I incorporate CBD into my nighttime routine, too. Its calming and relaxing effects are much-appreciated after an overwhelming day—and I find that I fall asleep more quickly and feel more rested the next day when I take it.

At bedtime, I prefer CBD in capsule form. (I like Charlotte’s Web 25 MG Hemp Extract Liquid Capsules.) I’ve found that its longer-acting effects help me get the seven-to-eight hours of sleep I need to keep my immune system strong and my energy levels high. After a few night shifts, though, I use CBD in combination with melatonin to help regulate my sleep-wake cycle. (CBDFit’s FitDreams Honey Lemon Hemp Extract Sleep Support Powder is my go-to.) This strategy helps me get my sleep schedule back on track and avoid prolonged shift worker fatigue.

As you can see, I incorporate CBD into my routine in may different ways. Sometimes I use just one of these applications; other times I employ two or all three to manage my stress. No matter what my days look like, though, I can pretty much guarantee CBD and its balancing benefits play a role.

headshot of Dr. Jacky Montoya, MD


Dr. Jacky is a double board-certified physician with extensive training in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. Her expertise in Western medicine is complemented by the use of alternative treatments—cannabinoids, in particular. Dr. Jacky believes in feeding the body, mind, and soul in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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