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Kris Gethin’s Guide To Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

By January 15th, more than 90 percent of New Year’s resolutions have already been abandoned. But that doesn’t have to be your fate.

With my video trainers, books, articles, gyms, supplements, and seminars, I’ve helped millions of people worldwide make life-changing transformations. Even if your goal for the New Year is physique-based, I believe that implementing and sustaining better habits is a cornerstone of success.

With consistency, a solid work ethic, and the following four tips, you’re sure to be in that 10 percent of New Year’s success stories.

1. Start With Goal-Setting 

Many people set New Year’s resolutions without having a detailed goal in mind, which dooms them to fail from the very beginning. Having a comprehensive plan in place helps you work towards your end goal more smoothly, so I always recommend putting the necessary time into this process before you even get started.

Spend some time in a quiet, relaxing place where you can think clearly, and put some serious thought into your goal. Beyond identifying your desired end goal, consider why that end goal is important to you. Then, write everything down. The act of physically writing down your goals is psychologically binding. Plus, it allows you to post them on your fridge as a constant reminder!

It may also be helpful to write down any potential issues or barriers you anticipate encountering on the way to your goal, and how you plan to overcome them. Being aware of any adversity you may face will help you feel prepared for the journey ahead, which is critical to your success.

2. Make A Vision Board 

Too often, people neglect their goals—or forget them altogether—because life gets busy. Having a visual representation of your goal, though, keeps it top-of-mind. Looking at a vision board every day forces you to visualize your goal. This provides an extremely powerful boost in motivation to reach that desired outcome.

Include a collage of images that inspire you. (They may include an athlete you look up to or a reward you’re going to give yourself when you complete your goal). You can also include brief descriptions of your goals and the deadlines you set to accomplish them by. Last year, my vision board included words and images focused on taking a vacation, completing an IRONMAN, purchasing a home, and completing a book. With its help, I accomplished all of those goals.

Spend at least five minutes every day looking at it and envisioning yourself progressing towards your goal. This practice becomes even more beneficial when you face challenges, or when emotions try to get the best of you. Having a picture of the physique you’re working towards, for example, reminds you of your journey when you struggle to find motivation. I keep my own vision boards leaning against a wall in my office, right behind my computer. This way, I look at them constantly.

3. Break Long-Term Goals Into Smaller Milestones

When first set, your end goal will always seem like a significant, almost insurmountable destination. In fact, it may seem like such an undertaking that you give up before you can even see progress.

Using the simple strategy of breaking your bigger goal into smaller, short-term goals exponentially increases your chances of success. As you complete your short-term goals, you’ll feel a boost in confidence and renewed motivation to keep moving forward.

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An example: If your long-term goal is to lose 30 pounds of fat, set a weekly goal to lose one or two pounds. Replacing one overwhelming task with a series of smaller wins makes progress feel far more attainable. In about 15 weeks of consistently following an effective program, you’ll meet your long-term goal.

4. Create Accountability

Accountability is the glue of any successful transformation because it prevents excuses or obstacles from derailing your progress. In my experience, I’ve learned that without accountability, your chances of success are limited.

Luckily, there are many ways to generate accountability. You can publicly state your goal and the date you plan on achieving it (perhaps on a social media account), book and pay for a photo shoot in advance, or sign up for a sporting event that’ll require you to be fully prepared by a specific date.

Many people take another approach and enlist the help of a coach or mentor, whom they’ll check in with—and detail their progress to—regularly.

A natural pro bodybuilder, IRONMAN competitor, and ultra-marathoner, Kris Gethin is widely known across the health and fitness space as one of the leading experts and body transformation specialists in the world. As the CEO of Kaged Muscle supplements, former editor-in-chief of BodyBuilding.com, author of the best-selling book 
Body by Design, co-founder of Kris Gethin Gyms, and member of The Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council, Gethin has helped educate and change the lives of millions of people.

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