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Liquid Chlorophyll Is Everywhere—So I Tried It

Social media has become a breeding ground for all sorts of health and wellness trends, and though much of the hype doesn’t usually grab my attention, it’s been hard to ignore the latest photos and videos of people sipping on a mysterious, dark green liquid that’s supposedly magic for your skin.

To be clear, I’m not referring to kale smoothies. The dark green liquid is chlorophyll, as in the stuff you learned about during middle school biology class. And now, it’s the talk of the town!

I wanted to know what all the buzz was about and if liquid chlorophyll could really do wonders for my skin, so I stopped into my nearest The Vitamin Shoppe and snagged one of the last remaining bottles.

About Liquid Chlorophyll

In case you need a little refresher, chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that’s responsible for photosynthesis, which is the process that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy, according to The Vitamin Shoppe nutritionist Brittany Michels, R.D.N. 

Though you’re taking in chlorophyll in its original form when you eat green plants, it’s converted into a similar compound called chlorophyllin when extracted and turned into the liquid supplements all over social media right now. The compounds are slightly different, but they are believed to offer the same health benefits, according to Michels.

bottle of liquid chlorophyll

You can learn all about the health perks of chlorophyll in this explainer, but the gist is that it supports detoxification (from things like heavy metals and pesticides), boosts red blood cells, helps our immune system fire on all cylinders, and promotes—you guessed it—healthy skin. 

Not bad, right?

Going Green

I eat a predominantly plant-based diet and know how important it is to get my greens in, especially the dark ones. So chlorophyll seemed like a simple way to give my overall health a boost and get an extra shot of antioxidants during the day to help nourish my skin from the inside out.

The one concern I had about chlorophyll was how it would taste. The Vitamin Shoppe brand Liquid Chlorophyll that I decided to try out contains a little bit of peppermint essential oil, so I felt hopeful it wouldn’t taste like straight grass, but just to be sure, I opted to add a dropper-full of liquid chlorophyll to the lemon water I drink first thing every morning.

jar of green water and a bottle of liquid chlorophyll

On the first day of incorporating it into my routine, I was pretty much awestruck at the color of the supplement as I squeezed it from the dropper into the mason jar I usually drink out of. The green was so rich it was almost black at first—but as it swirled up and around the jar, it quickly turned all of the water to a deep, deep green. Mesmerizing. 

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For good measure, I gave it all a stir with my metal straw and started sipping. Lemon, a hint of peppermint, and that’s it! The chlorophyll was otherwise flavorless. If my drink didn’t look so intensely green I’d never know I’d put something in it.

Making The Green Drink Routine Stick

I’ll admit, I missed a few mornings here and there throughout the three weeks that I committed to seeing what the chlorophyll hype was all about. If I took a walk to a local coffee shop or had an unusually busy morning, it just got away from me. Otherwise, though, I can’t think of an easier way to upgrade my day.

At first, I didn’t notice much of a difference—other than the fact that my tongue had a bit of green residue on it after I finished my drink (which my husband so kindly pointed out). But still, with every sip I felt like I was doing something good for my body—and that was really enough for me.

selfie of smiling girl drinking water with chlorophyll in it

As the weeks went on, I found that drinking my chlorophyll made me feel a little better if I didn’t get as many greens in later because of dinner plans with friends or an irresistible pizza craving. At least I started my day off in a healthy way, ya know?

I also really do think that my complexion started looking all-around glowier. Granted, I tested this supplement out in the springtime—and spending more time outside definitely leaves my skin sun-kissed and makes me feel generally healthier. However, I’ve always noticed that the quality of the food and nutrients I’m consuming impacts what I see in the mirror. My face, in particular, started looking clearer and clearer—and a little brighter, too. In my opinion, a team effort that chlorophyll certainly contributed to.

Final Thoughts

Overall, though I didn’t notice any Earth-shaking changes after adding a liquid chlorophyll supplement to my morning routine (hey, I was feeling pretty good already!), I definitely consider it to be a cost-effective way to support my overall health and well-being. (A 59-serving bottle of The Vitamin Shoppe brand Liquid Chlorophyll is just $10.) 

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I won’t beat myself up if I forget to take it here and there, but it’s such a simple tweak to my morning drink that I don’t see why I wouldn’t continue! And, honestly, even weeks later, I’m still completely mesmerized by watching that dark green swirl up through my water. 

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