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Review: I Tried LoveBug’s ‘Here’s The Skinny’ Probiotic For A Better Belly

After about three years of battling some major stomach pain and frequent emergency trips to the bathroom, I got sick of feeling sick. Recently, I made the decision to seek out a routine that would help me better my overall digestive health. I started by taking a look into the food I was eating, but also wanted to see if pairing a better diet with a probiotic would help. That’s why I was so excited to receive a sample of LoveBug’s Here’s The Skinny Probiotic to try.

About LoveBug’s Here’s The Skinny Probiotic

The 10-day sample can be taken orally once a day—or twice a day with food for more intense support. I opted for the first option.

The formula is free of gluten, soy, sugar, yeast, and artificial colors and flavors, so it fit right into my plan to watch my diet more carefully. LoveBug even notes that some of the ingredients can help us maintain a healthy metabolism and weight, which is an added bonus (and explains the name “Here’s the Skinny”). I was excited to try something that I had never had before!

Trying The Product

I took the probiotic each morning about 30 minutes before breakfast. It was super-easy to swallow and I was pleased to find that it had no strange texture or after-taste like some other pills I’ve taken before.

On the first day of the 10-day trial, I did experience mild bloating and felt the same tummy troubles I was working to get rid of. However, by day two, my bloating disappeared and the sick feeling I often experienced was starting to fade. It only took a few days for me to start feeling more at ease after breakfast—a time usually plagued by my most major stomach pains.

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By day 10, I can proudly say that I was spending less time running to the bathroom than usual!

Final Thoughts

I will continue to take LoveBug’s Here’s the Skinny Probiotic as part of my regular routine. While I still suffer from stomach issues every now and again, I have seen improvement after pairing this product with a better, more conscientious diet.

This Wellness Tester received free products in exchange for an honest review.

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