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13 Smart Meal-Prep Tips Straight From Our Readers

Healthy eating looks a little different for all of us, but one surefire way to stick to your preferred diet all week long is to meal prep. Check out the top tips that help our readers prep like pros, then grab your grocery list and hit the Tupperware.

1. “Once a week I hit my produce stand and load up on whatever produce is on sale or looks freshest. I keep my pantry stocked with quinoa, brown rice, and assorted beans so I always have the building blocks of healthy meals on hand.” —Raquel Spinelli

2. “I only meal prep three or four days’ worth of food at a time. That way, I don’t worry about how fresh my meals are and I get excited about my meals because I only eat the same thing for a few days in a row. Today I’m making ground chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and cumin, mixed with Spanish rice, corn, and tortilla strips for a low-carb burrito bowl.” —@realllylillly

3. “Prep your protein first since it tends to take the most time.” —@g_c_

4. “I roast a whole chicken on Sunday.” —Debbie Marino

5. “Make something versatile that you won’t mind eating all week. For example, cook chicken on the stove top and season with salt and pepper. Then for lunch each day, add a different spice or sauce so you’re not sick of it by the end of the week.” —@kaybat158

6. “Cut your chicken into chunks with kitchen scissors before cooking it. It’s way easier than using a knife!” —@ac293x

7. “Multitasking helps! Get rice going in the rice cooker, throw chicken on the grill, boil eggs on the stovetop, and steam veggies in the microwave. The crockpot is a great tool, too.” —Sarah Jeanne

8. “Put your oven to good use! Roast chicken and vegetables at the same time to cut down on meal prep time.” —@mealprepmondays

9. “I love prepping mock Chipotle bowls for lunch. I use lots of veggies, and top with low-fat cheese and a bit of sour cream.” —Melanie LaLonde

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10. “Chop bell peppers, celery, and cucumbers on Sunday. Save as a salad topper you can use all week long.” —@bu9094

11. “Pick two different protein options so that you don’t get bored throughout the week. This week I’ll alternate between chicken and turkey. They’re both so versatile and the possibilities are endless.” —@joliesdragon


12. “I meal prep every Sunday so I’m good to go for the week.” —Denise Bell

13. “We meal prep the same day we go grocery shopping. Instead of putting everything away, we wash, slice, cook, and portion everything out right away.” —@samanthaearing

14. “When planning my meals, I think of my plate like a pie chart. I want half to be fresh veggies, a quarter to be protein, and the last quarter to be fats and complex carbs. Keeps me from overthinking and helps me make healthy meals!” —@bwisefitness

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