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Creed‘s Michael B. Jordan Swears By Sea Moss To Fuel His Fitness

Serious gymgoers have long supplemented their workouts with sports stacks that include the likes of pre-workout, protein powder, and creatine. Recently, though, many of the world’s most respected bodybuilders have praised the benefits of a holistic health routine for optimal fitness results. The Vitamin Shoppe even launched a new Fit Lifestyle category in its stores and website, which positions offerings like greens powders, multis, and joint support as non-negotiable add-ons to whole-body health.

The movement has made its way beyond the weight room, too. Celebrities are starting to buy into the Fit Lifestyle philosophy. Michael B. Jordan of Creed and Black Panther fame (yep, the guy with next-level strength and a rock-solid physique) just revealed a key piece of his supplement routine in an interview with Men’s Health: sea moss. Yep, according to Jordan, this superfood algae has been a game-changer for his fitness and overall health amidst the physical, mental, and emotional demands of acting, directing, exploring entrepreneurial ventures, and, of course, crushing it in the gym.

“A lot of my roles are very physical, so I do things like take supplements to help me feel strong, give myself an edge when I’m training, but also to feel generally healthy,” Jordan told Men’s Health. “Sea moss was part of my fuel source behind the fitness routines I’ve used over the years to build my characters’ physiques.”

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What’s the story behind this edible ocean-dwelling superfood? Well, it’s absolutely bursting with nutrition. In fact, sea moss contains 92 trace minerals and 15 essential elements, as well as vitaminsantioxidantsomega-3s, chlorophyll, and prebiotics, according to The Vitamin Shoppe nutritionist Brittany Michels, R.D.N.

Thanks to these properties, sea moss can support a number of areas of health, including:

  • healthy digestion (you can thank that prebiotic fiber for this)
  • proper thyroid function (because it contains thyroid-loving nutrients like iodine, seleniumzinc, and B vitamins)
  • strong immune function (thanks to a polysaccharide called laminarin, antioxidants, and various vitamins)
  • healthy hair, skin, and nails (since it supports collagen production with a slew of nutrients)

Jordan says that thinking more about his overall health (and that of his family) drove him to prioritize wellness in his daily life and demanding career—and that sea moss (which he started adding to daily smoothies) became a must-have part of his routine.

Want to take a page out of Jordan’s playbook and level up your routine? Try adding a sea moss powder like plnt Organic Sea Moss to your morning smoothie, or keep it simple with Atlantic Naturals Sea Moss Superfood Capsules. You can even get the good stuff in with a tincture like MaryRuth’s Organic Sea Moss Liquid Extract.

A few tips for the road: Since excess iodine can contribute to thyroid issues, stick to the serving recommendations on whichever product you choose. And consider pairing your sea moss regimen with other self-care practices like meditation, which is another daily must-have that Jordan swears by. (Here’s how to get started.)

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