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8 The Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiasts Share Their Best On-The-Job Moments

It’s The Vitamin Shoppe‘s birthday! And, to celebrate 40 years of thriving, our very own Health Enthusiasts are sharing their most rewarding, on-the-job moments.

Besides being incredibly knowledgeable about our many products, every Health Enthusiast aims to truly connect with our customers. From helping you draw a map to your personal wellness goals to explaining the benefits of any given supplement, they’re always there to nourish and inspire—which is clear from the stories they tell. Take a look.

Store #287 South Burlington, VT

Cal Rawlings Blog

Right after New Year 2017, a young woman came into the store with a determined mindset and a list of resolutions. Her main goal was to manage her weight and get healthy.

We talked through her current goals and past weight-management attempts, and I learned she had tried everything: Atkins, Paleo, fasting, Weight Watchers—but she was still struggling. She was frustrated, understandably.

Together, we talked through a diet and weight-management plan. She was going to start slowly increasing her physical activity from once a week to four times a week (she was going to start taking Zumba, because, like me, straight-up cardio bored her). She also mentioned she was struggling to get enough protein in, so I told her she had come to the right place. We grabbed her a dozen Quest bars to get her started and a few sample packs of the Next Step single-serving packets. She also picked up a sample container of AppeFit to jumpstart her new diet plan.

Amazingly, that very same customer came in again recently and looked very different. She was picking up more Quest and Next Step products, as well as a plnt product to help get more greens in! It is amazing to see a customer’s progress and to think that I played even a small role in it.

These interactions really motivate me to do my best and help every single customer to the best of my abilities.

Store #575 East Rutherford, NJ

QA POS Analyst, North Bergen, NJ (CSC)

Erick Solis Blog

Becoming a Vitamin Shoppe Health Enthusiast has been a life-changing experience. I have a background in science, and I wanted to work for a company that allowed me to use my knowledge in that area. Before I worked in corporate for The Vitamin Shoppe, I worked in the field. I learned so much! The team I worked with taught me to be positive about challenging situations, to be resourceful, and to have patience, which helped to make my moments with customers that much more rewarding.

I remember working with a middle-aged couple that came into the store for the first time. They mentioned they were sleeping enough and eating well, but still feeling very tired. They also mentioned that they were preparing to send their son away to college in a few months. I got the sense that they’d been struggling with a bit of stress—so I let them know that The Vitamin Shoppe carries a few products that may help promote stress relief. That night, they went home with a jar of The Vitamin Shoppe brand turmeric.

A week before my last day in the field, they both came in again—and they hugged and thanked me. They mentioned that at their age, it’s easy to just overlook feelings of tiredness, to just ‘power through it’. They also said that they learned that it’s necessary to listen to our bodies, and I think I helped them do just that.

It can be overwhelming to walk into a store with thousands and thousands of products surrounding you, but I believe I helped make their experience simple and gratifying. I was overwhelmed with their happiness, and it reminded me just about how important it is to communicate my knowledge.

They promised they would continue to be loyal to their health—and to The Vitamin Shoppe. I thanked them for their loyalty and promised them that we are a brand that can trust.

Store #040,  Levittown, NY

#531 Westminster, MD

Alexandra Hoffman Blog

I get a lot of mixed reactions when I tell people I work in retail. They assume it’s a lot of hard work (and it is!), but they don’t know how rewarding it can actually be. I love telling people about The Vitamin Shoppe’s culture and values, and that every day I leave work knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life—that’s what makes this career experience so fulfilling.

I think back on the man who came in ready to give up on his diet plan because it wasn’t yielding results and was just too expensive. He felt hopeless, worried that he’d eventually have to turn to surgery to manager his weight. But when he left my store, he was filled with renewed hope. I helped him find a new set of supplements, protein shakes, and healthy snacks that didn’t break the bank—and could help get him back on track. It was so incredible to see his dedication to his health in this moment.

When he came back in weeks later, he was so excited. In fact, he’d already lost 10 pounds and was feeling great. He was so incredibly thankful that he’d decided to stop by The Vitamin Shoppe weeks earlier. Those are the kinds of stories I tell when people ask me what I do for a living. Those moments give me a sense of purpose and joy.

Store #218 Hurst, TX

Stefanie Peacock blog.jpg

One of my best moments at The Vitamin Shoppe occurred when a very, very thin young man came into the store and shared with me that he was fresh out of rehab from drug use. On top of that, he was struggling to conquer feelings of stress and anxiety.

We immediately connected. I shared my own story of recovery with him (I am now 13 years sober), and I talked to him about the importance of nutrition in the process. I told him a little about the things (like supplements) that helped me feel better physically and mentally. That day, he purchased a multivitamin, a B-complex, and the L-Theanine. 

Nine months later, a very fit young man entered my store and said he was glad I was there. He asked if I remembered him (of course I did!) and held up an Alcoholics Anonymous One-Year Chip. He was sober and healthy.

He told me he was grateful for my help months earlier, and thanked me for sharing my story with him. He’d even been working out at a gym, had gotten himself a nutritionist, and had been coming back to The Vitamin Shoppe for refills on his supplements.

He asked if he could give me a hug, and I just burst into tears.

Knowing that I had helped someone who had walked a similar path to my own is one of the most precious gifts working for The Vitamin Shoppe has given me.


#747: Colonial Heights, VA

sabrie flores blog.jpg

A married couple came in looking to manage their weight together. They were both feeling pretty discouraged, so I listened to their story and aimed to get them the best setup for their health. I set them up with fish oil, CLA, L-carnitine, BCAA’s, pre-workout, isolate protein, and multivitamins. 

I explained to them why each of these products were beneficial to their overall health, and how they might help promote health and weight management. The couple was so happy that I took the time to really explain everything for them. In fact, the woman was so excited that she hugged me! They told me they had really never met someone who cared so much about their goals, and I let them know that I did care and that I believed healthy eating, exercise, and supplementation would definitely yield results. I also asked them to come back and let me know how it was going.

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A month later, they both came in to see me. They had both lost 15 pounds and wanted a re-up on their products. On top of that, they wanted to tell my manager how I’d helped them!

It felt amazing to know they had put their trust in me and ended up happier for it. They also told me they’d been telling their friends and family about me and the store. It’s always a great feeling to be a part of someone’s journey toward a healthier life.

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