12 Quotes That’ll Motivate You To Kick Butt Today

Let’s be real: #MotivationMonday isn’t the only day we can use an inspirational quote to help us be at our best. Whether you put in long hours at work, had an argument with a friend, or are nursing a hangover, a solid Instagram quote  can really put things in perspective and light a fire under your butt.

Check out these wise words, and prepare to start training for a marathon, solve world hunger, and tell your obnoxious coworker off—all in the same day.

Those goals aren’t going to achieve themselves!

Seriously, though—what are you waiting for?

Adios, haters.

Because good things come to those who hustle.

What you think, you become.

We can get on board with this kind of revenge.

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Find your balance. #balance #life #adventure

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Today’s a good day to cut yourself some slack.

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what defines us

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Who says failure has to be final?

Okay, no…That’s not an invitation to go back to bed.

Give yourself the credit you deserve. And then keep on hustlin’.

Time for a long, honest look in that mirror.

We only get one life, people!