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My New Obsession: Stomach Soothing plnt Brand Ginger

Whether an upset stomach after eating an extra-rich meal, uneasiness thanks to an extra drink at happy hour, or good ol’ anxiety-related nausea, I’ve dealt with regular stomach issues for a long time now. Not convinced they warranted a visit to the doc, I’ve done my best to cope with the occasional discomfort, nausea, or cramping by sipping on tea or something bubbly.

A few months ago, though, a terrible (and I mean terrible) case of food poisoning left my stomach in shambles, and motivated me to finally take action. It struck just a few days before I started my new job at The Vitamin Shoppe, and hit me so hard that I couldn’t stomach solid food for over a week.

Armed with my new employee discount, I stopped by my local store and made a bee-line for the digestive health supplements. I needed to show my gut some love! That’s where I first discovered plnt brand Ginger.

Why Ginger?

Ginger has long been associated with tons of health benefits, including easing digestive upset, joint and muscle issues, soreness, and more. The spicy root’s benefits go back hundreds of years; ancient civilizations even used it to treat nausea.

Since then, research has confirmed that ginger has antiemetic properties, meaning it can, in fact, help ease nausea and stomach upset. As a result, you can now find soothing ginger in all sorts of forms—from capsules and chews, to gum, tea, and more.

The plnt brand Ginger capsules I discovered that fateful day at The Vitamin Shoppe contain 500 milligrams of organic ginger a pop. I loved that plnt uses all vegetarian ingredients and prioritizes being good for both me and the planet. I was excited to see if a capsule or two a day could finally quash my regular tummy troubles.

Putting Ginger To The Test

Though this wasn’t my first time turning to ginger for my digestive woes, it was definitely a step up.

Back in college, I kept boxes of ginger ale stashed in my dorm room for nights my stomach kept me up. However, after discovering that most ginger ale sodas are just loaded with sugar and contain zero actual ginger, I switched to ginger tea when things got rocky. And while the tea definitely did the trick in the moment, I still hadn’t found something that could keep my stomach from acting up in the first place.

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That’s where my plnt brand Ginger supplement comes in. I started taking the ginger capsules every night before bed, and I felt better nearly overnight.

Within the first week, I found that my occasional nausea or stomach cramping had died down. No more intense belly aches from over-indulging. No more tossing and turning all night from worry-induced nausea. I felt good, and I never wanted to go back.

The only hiccup: I initially ignored the bottle’s recommendation that you take the capsule with food. After experiencing a slight heartburn-like effect after taking it with just a small sip of water, I made sure to take my ginger with a big glass of water or a little food. From there, it was smooth sailing.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been taking plnt brand Ginger nightly for three months now, and I’ve enjoyed a significant, consistent decrease in stomach issues. I feel like it helps my digestion throughout the day and keeps everything running smoothly, no matter what.

I’ve even recommended trying ginger to a few friends and family members who also experience stomach upset from anxiety or discomfort after eating.

Sure, I’ll still turn to my trusty steaming cup of ginger tea when I need it, but taking ginger as a preventative measure has all but made my stomach problems a thing of the past.

Arielle Weg is the Social Media Specialist for The Vitamin Shoppe. 

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