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Turn Your Holiday Party Into A Rager With Energy-Boosting Treats

Need a delicious, nutritious pick-me-up? Made with nuts, dates, and Ora Organic Renewable Energy (which packs matcha, yerba mate, green coffee bean, and adaptogenic herbs), these Coconut Date Energy Bites are the perfect bite-sized boost! They make for a great grab-and-go snack—or even a healthy holiday party treat.

Coconut Date Energy Bites


With just a handful of ingredients, a food processor, and zero baking required, these energy bites come together in a flash.



  1. Blend cashews, almonds, dates, water, and Renewable Energy in a food processor until the nuts are finely chopped and all ingredients are blended evenly.
  2. Roll mixture into 10 balls.
  3. Roll balls in coconut flakes.
  4. Refrigerate for two to three hours.

Want to mix things up a bit? Swap the Renewable Energy powder for Ora Organic Easy Being Green Organic Alkaline Greens Powder. To bump up the protein, swap for Ora Organic So Lean & So Clean Plant-Based Superfood Protein powder. (Both the Chocolate and Vanilla add dessert-worthy flavor.)

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