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Use This Flow Chart To Find Your Perfect Pre-Workout

If you’re dedicated to your fitness, a pre-workout supplement can help you feel energized and focused, and boost your training performance. However, with an endless number of options out there, it can be tough to tell which formula best fits your individual goals and lifestyle. After all, someone training to run ultramarathons needs different support than someone training to lift heavy weights.

If building strength and muscle are your top fitness priorities, this handy flow chart will help you find the right pre-workout for your next gym session. Before you get started, though, consider your options:

  • Do you want to stay away from artificial sweeteners and/or colors? All-natural formulas use ingredients like stevia for sweetness and beets for color.
  • Caffeine or no caffeine? If you do want the extra kickare you looking for a smooth boost or fast-and-furious energy?
  • Do you crave a good pump, or can you do without NO-boosting ingredients?
  • How about creatine? Are you bulking or cutting?

Whatever your fitness priorities may be, this shoppable guide will lead you straight to your supplement soulmate. (For more info on each product, just hover over it and click on the price tag.)

Have a question about a common pre-workout ingredient? Our article What’s REALLY In Your Pre-Workout? walks you through some of the most common pre-workout ingredients in the game.

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