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These Plant Protein Powder Flavors Are Next-Level Delicious

Let’s be honest: When plant-based protein powders first hit the scene, most of them tasted like chocolate-flavored dirt. They were gritty and earthy (not in a good way) and no matter how much you wanted to like them for the sake of planetary health, animal welfare, or whatever your reason, you had to admit that they were tough to drink. 

Well, thank the sun in the sky or food scientists or whoever you like, because plant protein powders have come a long, long way over the years—and now you’ve got plenty of delicious and daring options you don’t have to mask in a fruit smoothie.

Ready to level up? These plant protein flavors are just waiting to blow your mind.

plant protein powder flavors: plnt Chocolate Peanut Butter

plnt Chocolate Peanut Butter Organic Plant Proten

Fact: No candy can really compete with the almighty peanut butter cup. The perfect combo of salty and sweet, PB cups are pretty darn hard to resist (and the first to disappear from the candy bowl when Halloween rolls around). And while plenty of protein powders have tried to replicate the creamy, nutty perfection, they often fall short, either tasting a little artificial or leaving your taste buds wanting more oomph. Well, good news, PB lovers: plnt’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Organic Plant Protein has gotten this flavor oh-so-right.

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The secret? This pea-, hemp-, and goji berry-based protein is flavored with organic peanut flour, organic dutch cocoa, and sea salt (plus a little stevia to sweeten things up) for real-deal PB cup taste in every sip. Each serving also happens to offer a whopping 25 grams of protein and more than four grams of BCAAs for just two grams of net carbs. It’s a versatile new favorite you can enjoy every single day.

Blessed Strawberry Mylk Plant Protein

Blessed protein is all about the power of the pea, formulating their easy-to-digest protein powders with pure golden pea protein isolate for simple (and delish) nutrition. Every scoop of this option contains 23 grams of protein, all of the essential amino acids, and just four grams of net carbs (making it a great option for all sorts of eating styles. Blessed goes all in on funky flavors, with options spanning from Cinnamon Churros to  S’Mores. The flavor that really hits hard on the nostalgia, though: Strawberry Mylk. Whether you shake it up with plain water or go all out with a loaded smoothie, this sweet, berry-flavored protein is as creamy as your favorite milkshake.  

plant protein flavors: Form Nutrition Tiramisu

Form Tiramisu Performance Protein

When you feel like treating yourself to something fancy, tiramisu is the ultimate dessert. The creamy sweetness and punch of coffee and cocoa make it truly unique—and if you’re bored with your usual chocolate or vanilla protein routine, now you can actually bring those tiramisu vibes into your shaker cup.

Form’s tiramisu-flavored Performance Protein is truly one-of-a-kind, formulated with organic pea, brown rice, and hemp proteins to deliver a whopping 30 grams of protein in every scoop—and nails that classic tiramisu deliciousness using natural flavors and sweeteners. It also contains curcumin and an impressive five grams of BCAAs per serving, so you can enjoy this classic dessert flavor all while maximizing muscle recovery and gains.

plant protein powder flavors: Truvani Vanilla Chai

Truvani Vanilla Chai Plant-Based Protein

A cozy vanilla chai latte truly warms you up from the inside out (and makes dreary days a little more bearable), but since this spicy sip often comes with quite a lot of sugar, it may not be something you choose to order all that often. Well, now with Truvani’s Vanilla Chai Organic Plant-Based Protein, you can sip as your heart desires. This  pea-based protein powder is made with organic vanilla, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, nutmeg, and clove—all of the comforting spices that give chai lattes their goodness. Enjoy it cold in a chai-inspired smoothie, add it to your coffee for a protein-packed dirty chai, or stir it into your favorite warm milk for a muscle-loving latte. Sweetened with monk fruit extract, this protein contains just a gram of sugar—a far cry from your usual coffee shop order!

plant protein powder flavors: Planta peanut butter jelly

Planta Peanut Butter & Jelly Plant Protein

Nothing brings back memories of the good ol’ days quite like PB&J, and Planta’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Plant Protein nails this childhood favorite by flavoring its blend of organic pea and rice protein with peanut flour, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, and a bit of coconut sugar. Really, it’s the closest thing possible to actually blending up your beloved sammie—and it also happens to offer 20 grams of protein, BCAAs, and 27 different vitamins and minerals. (Your average PB&J certainly can’t do that!)

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Shaken up alongside a slice of toast or added to your favorite smoothie, this is the perfect post-workout breakfast. And if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake, don’t worry: The coconut sugar in this protein adds legit sweetness without impacting its macros much. Each serving contains just one gram.

plant protein powder flavors: GHOST banana pancake batter vegan protein

Ghost Banana Pancake Batter Vegan Protein

If banana pancakes are your go-to diner breakfast order, GHOST’s Banana Pancake Batter Vegan Protein might just change your life. Made from pea, pumpkin, and watermelon seed proteins, it’s creamy, sweet, and packs just enough banana punch to satisfy your short-stack cravings. No artificial-tasting banana taffy candy vibes here! With 20 grams of protein per scoop, GHOST’s plant-based powder holds its own mixed in your shaker cup with plain water after the gym, but it’s also the perfect flavor to use in oatmeal, pancakes, protein ice cream, and baked goods. (Try it in one of these overnight oatmeal recipes and you’ll be hooked!)

KOS blueberry muffin

KOS Blueberry Muffin Organic Plant Protein

What’s loaded with protein and tastes like blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven? This organic plant protein from KOS. The brand’s protein powders combine a blend of organic pea, flax, quinoa, pumpkin seed, and chia seed proteins with a bunch of (all organic) good-for-you extras like acerola extract, elderberry, lion’s mane, reishi, astragalus, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The result: Every serving offers 20 grams of protein along with quite the lineup of vitamins and minerals. And then there’s the flavor. Sweet and fruity, the Blueberry Muffin flavor is made with organic blueberry flakes, organic coconut milk, and organic coconut sugar. It even smells like fresh-baked goodness! This option is another great pick to get creative with, so heat up your skillet to make some protein pancakes or try it in homemade protein bars.

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