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7 Plant Protein Powders That Pack Extra Benefits

With more and more people making the switch to plant protein powder—whether because they want to reap the health benefits of a plant-based diet or reduce their impact on the environment—supplement store shelves have never been more crowded with exciting options. In addition to all of the next-level delicious flavors to choose from, many now provide added perks in the form of superfoods, squeaky-clean formulas, and so much more.

If you’re looking to level up your plant protein game, the following powders promise extra benefits for your health, fitness, and even the planet.

Sprinkled with ‘Shrooms: Om Master Blend Plant-Based Protein

Om is one of the biggest names in the mushroom game and now they’re bringing these magical fungi into the world of plant protein. With their Master Blend Plant-Based Protein, you not only score 21 grams of muscle-loving protein but 10 different functional mushrooms and reishi extract—more than you’ll find in any other ‘shroom-boosted blend.

What’s particularly cool about the mushrooms in Om’s protein: The brand is vertically integrated, which means they grow their own mushrooms right here in the U.S. so that they can ensure each scoop of protein offers top-notch quality (and health benefits!). In all, you’ll get two full grams of mushrooms in every serving (and don’t worry, the Creamy Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla flavors are so spot-on, your taste buds won’t detect anything too earthy).

Squeaky-Clean Ingredients: Truvani Organic Plant Based Protein

Whether you’ve got food sensitivities or incredibly high standards, you’ll be impressed by Truvani’s Organic Plant Based Protein and its short, sweet, and squeaky-clean ingredient list. This certified USDA organic and Project Non-GMO Verified protein powder is the perfect pick for anyone who investigates what they consume with a fine-toothed comb, offering 20 grams of protein from organic pea protein concentrate while leaving out fillers, additives, and preservatives that some people may wish (or need) to avoid. Think: no gums, oils, or anything artificial. Sensitive to stevia? Truvani has you there, too. It uses organic monk fruit extract (as well as food-based ingredients like organic vanilla powder) for sweetness.

Good for the Environment: Form Performance Protein

Sure, Form’s Performance Protein offers extra recovery benefits thanks to added curcumin, the potent antioxidant found in turmeric, and BCAAs—but what’s even more unique about this vegan protein powder are the benefits it brings to the environment. Packaged without a shred of plastic (yes, it really is 100 percent plastic-free), Form’s protein comes in a compostable bag without the usual plastic scooper found in most protein tubs. Form’s sustainability efforts don’t end there, either. The brand is a Certified B Corp, a designation that reflects its commitment to social, economic, and environmental good. If you’re looking for a plant-based protein that’s as good for the planet as it is for your body, you can’t beat Form. 

Next-Level Workout Recovery: Sunwarrior Sport Active Protein

Sunwarrior has been killing the plant protein game for forever now, and their latest formula, Active Protein, goes all in on promoting exercise recovery so that you can bounce back quicker and stronger as you continue to chase your goals. The foundation here is 30 grams of protein from organic pea, brown rice, and pumpkin seed proteins—but that’s only the beginning. From there, six grams of BCAAs, a mix of sea minerals to replenish those lost during intense training, turmeric extract, tart cherry extract, and a strain of probiotics known as DE11 that’s known to support a healthy inflammatory response collaborate to help your hard-working body recover after a workout. It’s a comprehensive formula that really goes the extra mile—so you can, too.

Loaded with Superfoods: Sprout Living Epic Protein

Whether you pick the Vanilla Lucuma or Chocolate Maca, you can expect an extra health boost thanks to the superfoods added to Sprout Living’s Epic Proteins. Both flavors contain 20 grams of complete protein from a mix of organic pea, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sacha inchi, and cranberry seed proteins. From there, things get even more interesting.

The vanilla option highlights lucuma, a superfood that dates back to the Incas that boasts a sweet flavor and is rich in beta-carotene and niacin. Vanilla bean provides tasty flavor plus the antioxidant vanillin. Meanwhile, baobab offers vitamin C and a number of other phytochemicals that do a body good.

The chocolate option harnesses the decadent goodness of antioxidant- and magnesium-rich cacao, as well as the hormone- and energy-supporting adaptogen maca root. A touch of Ceylon cinnamon provides extra antioxidants and a hint of spice to round things out.

Both flavors put ancient superfoods front and center, so you know every scoop supports not just your muscles, but whole-body health.

Better Digestibility: Blessed Plant Protein

You love Blessed for its yum flavors (hey there, Cookie Crunch and Strawberry Mylk) but that’s not the only thing that sets this plant protein apart from the crowd. While many vegan protein powders utilize a mixture of different plant protein sources to rack up the grams, Blessed uses single-origin golden pea protein isolate to deliver 23 grams of protein per serving. What’s extra unique here: Blessed’s pea protein is made from sprouted peas, making the resulting protein powder easier for even the most sensitive of stomachs to digest. It also means that it has an incredibly smooth consistency, even when just shaken up with water. If other plant protein powders tend to be rough on your stomach, Blessed will be a blessing for your system.

The Full Nutritional Package: Huel Complete Protein

Sure, you could wash your daily multivitamin down with a swig of your protein shake…or you could kill two birds with one stone by opting for a protein powder that’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals, like Huel Complete Protein. In addition to 20 grams of protein from fava bean, pea, and hemp proteins, each scoop of Huel’s protein also contains 27 vitamins and minerals to ensure you’ve got all of your nutritional bases covered. Plus, it packs nine grams of EAAs, or essential amino acids (that’s more per gram than whey), and five grams of BCAAs. And finally, as an extra bonus, you’ll find antioxidants like curcumin, lycopene, and lutein. Whether you need a quick and nutritious meal on the go or want to streamline your supplement routine, this pick is the complete package.

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