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15 Smoothie Bowls That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

When you’re on the go, your smoothies and protein shakes don’t always look like great works of art. Delicious and nutritious, sure. Pretty? Not so much.

Still, just because we’re not food Picassos doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a prettybreakfast. The latest in a string of Instagram obsessions like avocado toast and #WaffleWednesday? Smoothie bowls, baby.

Complete with crazy colors, endless toppings, and a touch of true artistry, here are 15 ogle-worthy smoothie bowls we’d like lifesize posters of.


Your smoothie bowl is only as strong as the number of toppings you decorate it with.


Betchya never thought to blend persimmon and banana together!


We admire this bowl’s commitment to flawless topping placement. Plus—flowers!

The figs, the cranberries, the cacao nibs—so festive!

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Noticing a trend with the chia seeds here…


You just know this bowl is jam-packed with the good stuff.

Nothing makes a smoothie bowl feel quite as fancy as chocolate shavings do.

So many superfoods, so little time: This blend is made with frozen berries, kale, chlorella, and moringa.

Nut butter-lovers, feel free to drizzle your favorite spread all over your next smoothie bowl.

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We love the unusual ingredient combo here: persimmon, buckthorn, sunflower seeds, and cinnamon.

Don’t call it basic. Two classic fall flavors (pumpkin and apple) packed into one breakfast? Sign us up.


Dragon fruit and kiwi make this baby POP.

Three words:rich, chocolatey heaven.

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Extra points for super-duper creative topping execution here.


Face mask or smoothie bowl? Spirulina gives them that unique green hue.

Have you made a smoothie bowl that blows these away? Share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #VSsmoothiebowls

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